2013 China MBA Entrepreneurship Competition Kick Off in Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Publisher : MBA办公室       Apr.22,2013

Apr.14, 2013, China 11th MBA entrepreneurship competition kick off in Antai College of Economics and Management,Shanghai Jiao Tong University. All 16 teams from Antai MBA contested with each other through group presentation,Q&A, and reviewing. Finally, 9 teamsstandout above the rest. Dr Sang Lin, vice president of Huawei International Investment Co., Ltd, Mr. Fu Lijun, partner of Shenzhen ZEVC, and Mr. Li Youyang, founding partner of Newsion Venture Capital, acted as judges.

The 16 projects of this competition involved industrial products manufacturing, landscaping, medical treatment and health,TMT and modern service industry, almost one third of which have been carried out or have finished products development and will be brought to market soon.

It was widely believed among the judges that the projects enjoyed quite high quality although short on quantity. It essentially reflected the rich experience and solid professional background of MBA students. Quite a lot projects won the judges’ appreciate for their accurate positioning, technological innovative ability,and development potential. After the competition, the judges also discussed matters concerned with subsequent cooperation.

But judges also pointed out that some projects were lack of exhaustive market research so that their profit models were infeasible. On next stage, the committee will nominate professional tutor for the qualified team to improve their shortage.

China MBA entrepreneurship competition, the famous competition among Chinese Business College, was held under the auspices of Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai JiaoTong University, which has achieved successfully for 10 periods. This year, all the MBA students from HongKong, Taiwan, and China mainland are qualified. The committee set four subarenas, including north part, south part, east part and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, which were undertaken by four business colleges MBA educational centers of Tianjin University, SUN YATSEN University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, and Shanghai Jiao Tong University separately. At present, all the subarenas have finished the preliminary round and will launch final competition in the middle of June.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University decides to start the final in early June. At that time, only one team will have the opportunity to represent Shanghai Jiao TongUniversity to attend the national final competition. Our committee will provide the article.

The teams and projects in China MBA entrepreneurshipcompetition, Shanghai Jiao Tong University:

TeamClassProjectGroup Leader
Shanghai Zuannuo Precision Machinery Co., LtdM121209Asafe and fastness solution to industrial boltsLi Shengyong
Shanghai OCCON Advanced Material Technology Co., LtdM1212096single crystal copperYanggang
Shanghai Jingxiang LandscapingEngineering Co., LtdM1112095professional maintenance of villa gardenXu haifeng
Shanghai Tianzhizongda Scienceand Technology Co., LtdM1112095integrator of energy consumption monitoring systemLiu Hongwei
Shanghai Zaoanda Dinning Co., LtdM1212099distribution of nutritional breakfastYang Yongliang
Lifang Space-time Network Technique Co., LtdM1112099Hi-pin consumption servicesAi Zhuxiong
IvyInterior Gardening Co., LtdM1212091Interior Green GardenWen Yuping
Jiuyi Information Technology Co., LtdM111209Aservicing engine of medium-sized and small enterprises growthXieJun
Shanghai Chuboshu InformationTechnology Co., LtdM1212091trainer assistantHua Jingcheng