SJTU Antai MBA Alumni Discussion on SME Investment and Financing

Publisher : MBA办公室       Dec.06,2011

On 13th November 2011, the first “Capital Talents Meeting” Forum was held by SJTU Antai MBA private capital investment club in the North Building.

The Club Senior Consultant, Wang Zheng, the League Secretary General of Shanghai bankers, and the Director of investment and financing small and medium enterprises, Shanghai Service Center shared with the audience the keynote address, "SME financing problems and solutions."

As an experienced financial expert, Mr. Wang Zheng is proficient in bank loans, trust, financial leasing, small loans, mortgage, private financing, venture capital and private equity investments and other financial services. He clearly analyzed the status of domestic investment and financing of SMEs, including basic methods and requirements of different bank loans, a variety of financing channels features or programs, the successful investment and financing cases, and the liar's identification in the finance market. In the Q & A session, Antai MBA alumni and part of the capital experts communicated with the guests. Many participants said that the contents of this lively and practical forum had some significance for solutions to SME financing and the advantage of current investment opportunities. For MBA alumni focusing on long term operations, this forum was expected to help broaden the strategic horizon and enhance ability for capital management.