Health Lecture: Detoxification Diets

Publisher : MBA办公室       Dec.09,2011

On November 2011, Dr. Mei Xiaofang, Chinese public health ambassador, brought a wonderful health lecture about Detoxification Diets. The forum was hosted by Professor Ren Rongming, the director of WTO and economic globalization Research Center in SJTU Antai College.

After introducing the causes and hazards of various kinds of toxins, physician Mei Xiaofang taught a series of scientific methods of detoxification. For example, detoxification can help adjust the PH to remove acidity, through the consumption of pearl powder, hawthorn, seafood and raw vegetables and drinking tea. Some other foods may taste like acidic, but they can be converted to the alkaline in your body, such as the vinegar, the grape and the lemon. In addition, sweating in the way of exercising is a great way to lower acidity.

The lecture received warm and enthusiastic response from the audience. Antai believe that students should not only learn management skills, but also at the same time learn how to manage their own body scientifically. Even though students are now under learning tension and work pressure, they must pay more attention to their own bodies to keep themselves in healthy working and living condition through regular exercise, fitness, and a balanced diet.