Antai MBA won the group champion of 9th Shanghai MBA ‘Sunshine Cup’ Sports Festival

Publisher : MBA办公室       Nov.02,2012

After four days of fierce competition, the 9th Shanghai MBA ‘Sunshine Cup’ Sports Festival concluded successfully on October 21st, 2012. Antai MBA team eventually won the overall championship against 15 teams. This is the second time for Antai MBA to win the champion since the 7th ‘Sunshine Cup’.

The game consists of seven items of basketball, football, table tennis, badminton, tug-of-war, long rope skipping and swimming. Antai MBA team won the champions of tug-of-war, badminton and basketball, and came second in long rope skipping and table tennis. The consistent, indomitable and perseverant spirit of Antai MBA students not only motivated the team, but also won the respect of all the competitors.

Shanghai MBA ‘Sunshine Cup’ Sports Festival was initiated by Antai MBA during the ‘SARS’ epidemic in 2003, then it developed as an largest annual sports event and biggest party of Shanghai MBA group. MBA schools from different universities exchange information, make friends and make progress together through this platform. This year’s ‘Sunshine Cup’ is held by College of Business of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and Shanghai MBA Association and attracts nearly one thousand participants.

Although the game was under a tight schedule, the support from college leaders and the MBA office together with the vigorous promotion from Student Union, the organizing committee was established rapidly. The teams, cheerleaders and elected the ‘Sunshine Ambassador’, etc were organized in a shortest time, and relevant training were also arranged satisfactory.

In the qualifiers on October 13th, Antai MBA suffered defeat in the football game against the No.1 seed in the morning, but succeeded in the qualifiers of basketball game in the afternoon and entered the semifinals in the next day’s playoff.

After the excellent opening ceremony on October 20th, the ‘Sunshine Cup’, the fierce confrontation was launched. Antai MBA won the champion of tug-of-war, the first champion of the game. It was Antai MBA’s 3rd straight victory of tug-of-war.

Meanwhile, Antai MBA took little effort to enter the finals with a score of 46:11 in the basketball game; and we entered the semifinals of badminton and table tennis with no suspense. In the swimming game, we won the second and third place of men’s and women’s 50 meters breaststroke.

On October 21st, long rope skipping game opened as warm-up tournament. In the pleasant atmosphere, Antai MBA came as the runners-up, and the host, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics won the game.

Later on, reports of victory kept coming, Antai MBA entered the finals of badminton and table tennis. Therefore, together with the basketball final, we ushered 3 championship games altogether in the last day afternoon.

In the table tennis game, after 5 rounds fierce competition, we narrowly edged out and won the runners-up. In the badminton’s and basketball’s finals, Antai MBA and its counterparties dedicated wonderful games to the audiences and won the final champions.

So far, Antai MBA gained 3 champions and 2 runners-up in all the items, and won the group championship.

Besides, members of the organizing committee and cheerleaders have been running back and forth to cheer the team and provided perfect logistical services, which contributed to the final victory.

Antai MBA team members gained not only honor, but also friendship and respect, which were more important. ‘Sunshine Cup’ means fair competition and positive attitude. The game lasted only 4 days but the sports spirit and friendship last forever. The light of ‘Sunshine Cup’ will bring more hope and glory to Antai MBA。