Antai MBA is among Top 3 in 2012 China’s Best MBA Ranking

Publisher : MBA办公室       Nov.23,2012

On November 2012, the famous China’s BestMBA Ranking lists Shanghai Jiao Tong University Antai MBA on the 3rdplace, followed by Guanhua School of Management of Peking University and Schoolof Management of Fudan University. This is the first time that SJTU Antai MBA comesto top 3 on this list. In the detailed evaluation indexes, Antai takes the 1stplace in career guidance and the 2nd place in degree of satisfactionof students as well as of employers.

On the biannual “China’s Best MBA Ranking”list, Antai MBA has always been among the top. This year, the ranking researchselected 60 candidates from all the 200 China’s MBA programs and delved into 3aspects (b-school, MBA students and employers). The final ranking list came outto the public after 3-months statistic collection through questionnaires and2-months analysis. In retrospect to the last 2 years, the strength and the progressof reform in MBA programs have a direct influence on their quality andattractiveness.

As the first b-school to conduct admissionreform in China, Antai MBA has witnessed a remarkable prosperity of excellentstudents since it exercised independent recruitment from 2008. With increasingcomprehensive competence forged by these outstanding students, Antai MBA ascendsfrom the 4th place in 2010 to the 3rd in 2012, anevidence of widely approved brand of Antai MBA.

“The reform is followed by an elevation of programquality,” commented by the Manager, ”theenforcement of revolutionary policies, especially in admission, will congregatemore excellent students. The principle of survival for the fittest also pushesothers to start carrying out reform and to speed up.” Under the trend of reformin the circle of MBA education, Antai keeps standing out at the frontline. Withits innovative educational guideline and active in-depth practice, Antai is becominga leader of the era. Zhou Lin, the dean of Antai College Economy and Management,once said that great MBA should endow students with values to satisfy theexpectation of the business world and the whole society. It is the years of fruitfulpractice that brings Antai to top 3 among China’s Best MBA.