SJTU Antai College and Spanish IE Will Made a Success to MBA Venture Day

Publisher : MBA Office       Apr.22,2014

SJTU Antai held successfully a Venture Day with Spanish IE on April 14, 2014 at Xinshangyuan, Xuhui Campus, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Participants of this event came from more than 10 entrepreneur teams from SJTU Antai and Spanish IE, as well as some very famous entrepreneurs and investors from Spain and China, such as Ms. Yuling Fu from Latham&WatkinsLLP, General Manager Zongliang Chen from Shanghai Jianlin Management Consulting CO., LTD, Investment Director Chunyan Wang from Silicon Valley Bank, Investment Manager Tim Wilson from CID, Dr. Zhaoming Zhou from 9WinVest Partners, and Mr. Xiaohan Lou. Professor Paris from Spanish IE presided at the event and project director of SJTU Antai Venture Fund gave an opening address.

Spanish IE Business College is widely regarded as one of the top business institutions. IE ranked No. 1 in the Europe in the world during FT world Business College ranking in 2013. IE advocates cultivating its students' entrepreneurial spirits, and offers a platform to its students and graduates with their entrepreneur ideas to attract investments from the project reviewers, potential investors and local entrepreneurs. Similarly, innovation and entrepreneur are also two characteristics of SJTU Antai, and over 100 entrepreneur projects take part in the entrepreneur contest or apply the entrepreneur funds every year, among which tens of projects get funds from SJTU Antai Venture Fund. Therefore, this event creates a valuable opportunity to the communication between two business colleges about their entrepreneur education and entrepreneur experience, as well as provides a platform for guiding projects of entrepreneur project and searches the investment channels.

There were 2 sessions in this MBA Venture Day. During the morning session, IE started an internal selection and 10 teams from Spanish IE showed their projects of GXMBA projects, whose topic covered areas such as building, sports, education, online recruitment and e-business, etc. Specifically, members of Spanish IE showed their conceptions by using videos and animation, which attracted significantly the interests of the juries and the audience. In the afternoon session, a contest among IEs top three teams and the Chinese domestic teams held a contest and finally the Sport project from IE won. Projects that SJTU Antai provided in their three teams convers areas of grain and oil, applied technology in prairie and apparel ecommerce, which referred practical application very much and some of them have already been implemented. Some investors showed their interest to the projects from SJTU Antais teams, although the team didnt win the contest, which reflect the great affirmation to the teams and this event.

This event enhanced our understanding about the education and student entrepreneur in the famous business college, which provided experiences for our similar events. SJTU Antai MBA projects and SJTU Antai Venture Fund are preparing experiences in way of strengthen entrepreneur education and communication with famous universities in Europe and US. We will also co organize the global entrepreneur contests with other famous universities in Europe and US, which definitely brings more communicating opportunities for SJTU Antai to becoming globalized.