China Global Operations Leadership Forum

Publisher : MBA办公室       Dec.06,2011

On November 12th, Intel Director of Strategy, Mr. C Peter Varuntanya, was invited by the CLGO committee to bring a wonderful speech named "Essentials of Business Strategy" for CLGO students. In addition to CLGO students, many internal and external audience members participated in learning and discussion with Mr. C Peter Varuntanya.

Mr. C Peter Varuntanya has a unique perspective on the strategy formulation and implementation during his 15 years work at Intel. He was the founding member of the Intel China Strategic Office (CSO) in China. Currently, Mr. C Peter Varuntanya is the Director of the Intel China Ultrabook project. During the speech, Mr. C Peter Varuntanya introduced the elements of the strategic and analysis methods and models in developing strategies, and brought Intel's latest information to the students.

During the whole speech, Mr. C Peter Varuntanya had lively interaction with students, launched a deeper level of discussion, and recorded students’ live feedback. When talking about some strategic thinking, Mr. C Peter Varuntanya also recommended related books to CLGO students and pointed out the direction to keep on learning after the lecture. Mr. C Peter Varuntanya’s strict attitude and enthusiasm influenced all the students in the classroom.