SJTU Antai MBA Council on Entrepreneurship Funding

Publisher : MBA办公室       Dec.06,2011

On November 13, 2011, the SJTU Antai MBA Council on entrepreneurship successfully held a meeting josted by IMBA Dean Dr. Dong Ming at the Antai College of Economics and Management.

The SJTU Antai MBA entrepreneurship fund helps students with entrepreneurial aspirations to realize their business dreams. Antai College and Shanghai University Students Technology Innovation Foundation each invested 2 million per year for 5 years, a total of 20 million RMB, mainly to fund SJTU Antai MBA students and alumni that have graduated within five years. This fund is a non-profit public welfare fund.

The meeting formally established Antai first MBA special fund council, and also passed and adopted the "Council Constitution" and "MBA fund management rules."