CLGO Series Report one: Delphi Project

Publisher : MBA办公室       Apr.01,2013

The Delphi Lion Team is composed of three students from MIT Sloan and three students from CLGO. From March 18 to March 22, the Sloan fellows came to Shanghai to join the team. All the members had a very intensive, productive week.

The project started in late January. Since the beginning of this project, the Sloan fellows and the CLGO students have stayed in touch and gave a lot of support to each other. Since the project is located in Shanghai, the CLGO students have the chance to meet the customer in person and get the information. We had video several meetings with Sloan partners to share with them the information, and they gave us the feedback from their understanding. Before they came here, we gave them our advice on the schedule for their convenience.

After their arrival in Shanghai, we happily met each other. We all agreed that it was a great opportunity for all of us to know more about the business. Delphi China Technical Center has KPI for all Key LSPs, but the KPI report is a monthly frequency from each LSP. It means every month Delphi receive a lot of data file from all the suppliers. It takes a lot of human resource to handle these data and is not easy for the analysis and optimization. The CLGO team worked on the data integration using a Microsoft Access data base, and the Sloan students worked on the risk analysis and long term suggestion. The customer appreciated and satisfied with the solution and analysis.  

During the five days, we enjoyed ourselves and learned a lot from each other. The CLGO students introduced the manufacturing business in China to the Sloan fellows and they introduced their school life to us. We cherish this experience and look forward to the cooperation in the future.