SJTU Antai MBA Ranked 55th in the Financial Times 2015 Global MBA Rankings, Led in Salary Increases

Publisher : MBA Office       Mar.13,2015

The Antai College of Economics and Management at Shanghai Jiao Tong University was ranked 55th overall in the highly-recognized Financial Times 2015 Global MBA Ranking report released, January 27, and has improved from 77th in 2014. And the graduates employment rate and salary increase rate topped again in the list. Therefore, Antai has become the only business school with MBA, Master of Management and EMBA all rated among top 100 business schools for two consecutive years in China.



SJTU Antai MBA ranked 55th in the Financial Times 2015 Global MBA Rankings, led in salary increases

Zhou Lin, Dean of Antai College, said that students in China take the MBA program for three main reasons: transferring careers; pursuing a leadership role; opening up a business. Very few students take the MBA course just for the degree. As a result, Antai is updating its courses to help build up student leadership skills and increase their exposure to the global environment.


For full time students seeking smooth career transfer, Antai has partnered with world leading business schools such as MIT, Harvard, and Wharton School to provide international learning experiences through a dual-degree program, an international exchange program and a study overseas tour program. It also launched China Leaders Global Operation program (CLGO) with MIT which allows students to work in Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon, Apple and Nike.


For part time students pursuing leadership in the coming years, Antai's courses will focus more on strengthening student leadership skills, innovation skills and giving students more overseas learning and working opportunities. A survey revealed that more than 90 percent students get promoted in three years after graduating.


Antai also established a 20 million yuan venture capital fund in 2011 aims at providing financial support to start-up businesses in difficult times. "The establishment of this fund suggests Antai has an educational platform that combines business courses, business competition and venture capital funds together and can demonstrate a more precise picture about business to students," said Zhou.


Overall, Antai has achieved outstanding results in the past two decades and become a cradle for top business talents in global markets. "In the future, Antai will continue to develop innovative and problem-solving skills and encourage students to solve problems in China's development process," said Zhou. "We will enhance students business skills to build Antai into a world class business school."