SJTU Antai College Won another Success in Chinese Best Business Schools Ranking of Forbes

Publisher : MBA Office       Mar.24,2015

Forbes published 2014 Chinese Best Business Schools Ranking on March 28, 2014, which is the sixth time for Forbes to conduct a comprehensive and independent investigation to Chinese MBA program. Finally, Chinese Edition of Forbes totally selected 18 most valuable full-time projects and 18 most valuable part-time projects.

Antai College of Economics and Management at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU Antai) received again for the great achievements. SJTU Antai ranked the third in “Most Valuable Part time Project” and the sixth in “Most Valuable Full time Project”. These rankings became again the great honors that issued by the authoritative ranking for business school. Before this, SJTU Antai’s full time projects had just awarded 77th in the worldwide MBA ranking in 2014 published by UK’s Financial Times (FT), in which SJTU Antai was announced to be the top university among Shanghai’s business school. In addition, SJTU Antai’s EMBA project also located the second ranking in Chinese Most Valuable EMBA in 2014.

It is reported that Chinese Best Business Schools Ranking by Forbes published once in two years, and its survey covers the students who graduated in 2009 and 2013. Indexes that used in this ranking mainly include the retune of investment after5 year graduation, commencing salary during their first graduation year, current annual salary, compound annual growth rate of their income, satisfaction to job and business college, tuition and cost, and proportion of women students, etc. Chinese Best Business Schools Ranking by Forbes hopes to evaluate Chinese business schools more comprehensively and objectively, through those multiple indicators’ comprehensive evaluations.

Antai’ ranking continues to rise, and growth rate of salary ranks top
Compared with the last announcement in 2012, SJTU Antai moves up 2 places in “Most Valuable Part time Project”, while it grows 1 place in “Most Valuable Full time Project”. First, Antai’s 2009 graduates’ average annual salary is 470,000 yuan in its full time MBA project, growing 3.36 times after they enter the training course, which leads the Shanghai’s business colleges. Their growth rates of salary rank the top of all of the 18 most valuable full time MBA projects, up to 92.9%. Second, Antai’s graduates in 2009 earn averagely 493,000 yuan per year in its part time MBA project, and its students who graduates in 2013 increase their annual salaries up to 63.6%. which ranked the second among all of 18 most valuable part time MBA projects. Compared with other 5 candidates in Shanghai, graduates in both 2009 and 2013 in SJTU Antai College ranks the top, among indicators including current annual salary, growth rate of income after join MBA project, and compound annual growth rate of income in five years after the students graduated. All of those outstanding achievements not only due to profound culture in Shanghai Jiao Tong University, but also links inextricably with SJTU Antai’s continuous efforts in internationalization, collaboration with enterprises, and innovation and entrepreneurship. In addition, SJTU Antai has its strong teaching resources and international leading curriculum system. Students can get solid theoretical knowledge, rich practical experiences, creative thinking skills, and globalized business views, by receiving a 2 years or 2.5 years courses and extracurricular practice.

Satisfaction of Antai’s graduates meets a new record, leading the business colleges in Shanghai
Index of satisfaction to both the current job and college for Antai’s full time MBA graduates reached 8.3, while its part time graduates was 7.8 in current job and 8.2 in satisfaction to college. This indicator ranks the top among all of the business colleges in Shanghai. SJTU Antai has made significant achievements thought its people oriented deepens reforms since 1994 in many areas such as curriculum designing, teacher training, international collaboration, university enterprise cooperation, and career development, etc. A significant example in international communication in SJTU Antai’s MBA project is that Antai has made great efforts to promote its oversea communication program for its students, though its creative education program of oversea study tour, oversea exchange and double degree. Among that, programs of double degree and oversea exchange provide an over 3 month oversea study experience, collaborating with business colleges in more than 40 in world class universities such as MIT, USC, HKUST and UW. And our oversea study tour program provides relative shorter oversea opportunities in field study in foreign well known universities and investigation in the famous global enterprises, according to the actual demands of our students and graduates. This oversea study tour program mainly visits cities in European countries USA, which receives favorable reception to the participants. In the future, SJTU Antai will open more projects beside the exiting collaborations with USA and UK.

In addition, SJTU Antai pays special attention to the long term career development of its MBA graduates. Antai provides many lifelong education projects to its graduates, such as free excellent elective course, professional entrepreneurship instructions and funds for entrepreneurship, wonderful forums, and other communications in different clubs. Antai aims to work for a multidimensional platform for its students’ growth and development, by serving its graduates in renewing their knowledge, sharing successful experience, seeking the potential business opportunities and enhancing friendships.

This publication of Chinese Best Business Schools Ranking of Forbes ensures SJTU Antai to become the first class level among the international business colleges. Antai’s gaining high recognition by the international authoritative organization, shows again with its global leading position in business teaching and practice.

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