ACEM 2016 MBA Graduation Ceremony

Publisher : MBA Office       May.18,2016

Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM) 2016 MBA Graduation Ceremony was held on May 5, 2016, during which 529 MBA graduates received their degrees and celebrated their achievements.

The event was hosted by ACEM Associate Dean Dong Ming, and was attended by Deputy Dean of Shanghai Jiao Tong University Graduate School Yang Shengrong, ACEM Dean Zhou Lin, ACEM Deputy Party Secretary Zhang Donghong, ACEM Deputy Dean Wan Guohua, IMBA Program Director Wang Mantian, CLGO Program Director Chen Xiaorong, Finance MBA Program Director Wu Wenfeng, and representatives from faculty, students, family and alumni.

Yang Shengrong congratulated the 2016 MBA graduates during his speech. He hoped students could carry on the university motto - ‘when you drink water, never shall you forget its source; love your motherland and add credit to your Alma Mater’ - and realize their dreams and ambitions. He expected students to work hard and blaze new trails, to be persistent and overcome difficulties, to be down-to-earth and modest, and to keep a clear conscience.

ACEM Dean Zhou Lin also extended warm congratulations to all the students. He maintained that the MBA program is one of the most internationalized programs in the college, with IMBA and CLGO programs as cases in point. He then introduced the latest progress made by ACEM and hoped that the students could grow together with the college. He also wished everybody a happy and fulfilling life after leaving school.

As representative of faculty, Professor Jing Runtian revisited the days and nights spent studying with the students, and hoped that they could showcase the wisdom and energy of Chinese business leaders and win recognition and respect on the world stage in the near future.

Mr. Liu Feng, Senior Partner at Dacheng Law Offices, one of the first and largest partnership law firms in China, shared his story as representative of alumni. He encouraged graduates to bravely face challenges, take responsibilities and become true elites.

Student representatives also took the stage. Zhang Zhenning, a graduate from ’13 International class and a deputy director at Tencent expressed gratitude to the college and wished all the fellow graduates a bright future. Dai Hongjing, a student from part-time MBA program meanwhile, recounted her experience in becoming an entrepreneur and starting up a business.

 College leadership and faculty members awarded students with graduation and degree certifications and turned their tassels one by one. This celebratory moment is the ultimate prize for the hard work put in by every student in their two-and-a-half-year study, in every single case discussion, every sleepless night and every spark of inspiration. It also contains the joint efforts of ACEM faculty and students, and all the shared joy, anticipation and good memory.

Awards were given to outstanding graduates, then every class sang their class songs and a gift from all MBA graduates to the college was presented during the ceremony. The graduates took an oath and the ceremony concluded in the singing of the college theme song.