CLGO Hosts Spring Governing Board Meeting 2016

Publisher : MBA Office       Jun.06,2016

The Spring Governing Board Meeting of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) China Leaders for Global Operations (CLGO) Program was held on May 27 at Antai College Building.

Attendees of the meeting include the following Board Members:

Representing SJTU were ACEM Associate Dean Dong Ming, Professor Li Ning from SJTU School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering, Professor Jiang Zuhua from SJTU School of Mechanical Engineering, and CLGO Program Director Dr. Chen Xiaorong.

Representing the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) was Leaders for Global Operations (LGO) Program Executive Director Dr. Thomas Roemer.

Operation and human resources teams from Apple Inc., Dell, Esquel Group, Honeywell, Johnson & Johnson and Jawbone also joined the meeting on behalf of partner companies.

President and CEO of Luma Group, a global lighting company, were present as industrial observers.


Dr. Chen Xiaorong started the meeting with reports on the latest progress of the CLGO program. ACEM MBA, one of the two master’s degrees offered by CLGO, was ranked 39th in the world by Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2016, up from No.55 last year and the best in mainland China.

In addition, the three disciplines covered by CLGO have all entered global top 50 in QS World University Ranking by Subject 2016, with Business Administration standing at No.43, Mechanical Engineering at No.31, and Electrical and Electronic Engineering at No.45.

Another new initiative of the program was the establishment of CLGO Faculty Council earlier in May. During its commencement meeting, the council raised a proposal of upgrading the current curriculum, making suitable adjustments to meet local market demands while keeping the core courses of MIT LGO.

Furthermore, students from the class of 2015 have completed their first overseas Lion Team projects in Malaysia. The projects, which were organised by Asia School of Business (ASB), a business school co-founded by MIT and Malaysia’s central bank in a 10-year collaboration in the country’s capital Kuala Lumpur, saw six CLGO students and their six MIT LGO counterparts working together in two teams, studying, analysing and offering solutions to problems in local factories of partner companies Boeing and Johnson & Johnson.


Dr. Chen’s presentation was followed by a brief from Dr. Roemer on LGO’s new developments in business partnership, admission and student career.

Looking back on the achievements made by the CLGO program in the past decade, the Board also discussed strategies for gaining future growth, drawing more business support, attracting high quality talents, and continuing to provide added-value for partner companies.


The CLGO Governing Board is the body that sets long-range direction for the program and approves all major policies affecting the program and its partnership.

Comprised of senior executives from each partner companies, representatives from SJTU School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering and ACEM, representatives from MIT and CLGO program director, the Board meets regularly and advises the program on a range of issues including curriculum outline, admission, internship arrangements, recruiting and partner education. It also monitors the quality of CLGO and ensures continued excellence of the program.