’03 MBA 10-year Reunion Weekend

Publisher : MBA Office       May.24,2016

More than 160 ACEM MBA graduates of 2003 returned to campus on Saturday May 21, catching up with friends and faculty, reliving old memories, making new connections and participating in a variety of events.

After a tour of the newly refurbished college building and the historic Xuhui campus, ACEM Associate Dean Dong Ming gave a presentation on the latest achievements of the college. The rising international rankings and continued focus and inputs on entrepreneurship have both provided added value and inviting opportunities for the alumni community.

Dong Ming also thanked alumni for their long-term involvement and support, and invited them to come home often and take full advantage of the forums, classes and alumni-only events offered by the college.

Director of Alumni and PR Office Huang Shujuan introduced the range of services provided by the office. Apart from supporting alumni, helping establish and manage alumni clubs, associations and funds, the office also aims to build a comprehensive platform for mutual sharing and communication, as well as enhancing alumni career development by conveying their accomplishments to a wider audience.

Presidents of ACEM MBA Alumni Association, MBA Student Association, and two student clubs each presented the functions and events they offer, inviting the fellow graduates to stay closely linked to the college and join an alumni organisation or club that corresponds best to their professional or personal interests.

Two alumni shared their experiences of studying in ACEM. Both of them agree that the MBA not only enriched their knowledge, improved their skills, but also gave them a new way of thinking, sharpened their critical awareness and provided them with the ability to see the big picture.

They also expressed their gratitude to the university, the college and the teachers, and hope to collaborate with everybody and achieve more in the future.

Faculty member, former teacher Wang Yingping and staff member, former class teacher Jiang Yunyi also recalled their memories and told funny stories of the old days. Gratified by the success of all the alumni, the teachers were really pleased to see ACEM MBA becoming a refuelling station on their career paths, and wished them a better future, a good health and a happy family.

In addition, participants enjoyed a lecture by ACEM Professor Hu Haiou on Yuan’s over issuing and China’s supply-side reform, as well as workshops and talks by different members of the alumni community on a set of topics including wine drinking and well-being, rejuvenation of China’s rural villages, Internet start-up creation and running, and work life balance for a professional working mother.

The weekend was marked with a group photo with everyone dressed in T-shirts bearing the University logo, and the happy memory is sure to extend far into the future.


The annual 10-year MBA Reunion Weekend has become a regular feature of ACEM. During the weekend, faculty members and other experts give talks and hold panels on the latest management insights, former students get together to participate in different events and workshops, rekindle college memories, reconnect with friends and explore new opportunities.

Ten years pass in a flash, the college will continue to strengthen its link with the alumni network and work together with all members towards a better decade.