ACEM held 2018 MBA Commencement & Degree-Awarding Ceremony

Publisher : MBA Office       May.16,2018

On May 12, 2018, the 2018 Master of Business Administration (MBA) Commencement & Degree-Awarding Ceremony of ACEM, SJTU was held in Wenzhi Hall, Xuhui campus. The ceremony was hosted by Professor Dong Ming, associate dean of ACEM. Professor Zhou Lin, dean of ACEM, Professor Yu Mingyang, Party secretary, Dr. Zhang Donghong, deputy Party secretary, Professor Zhou Zucheng, director of Management Department, Dr. Wang Mantian, director of IMBA Program, Dr. Chen Xiaorong, director of CLGO Program, Professor Huang Dan, teacher representative, supervisor representatives including Professor Gu Qinxuan, Hu Daiping, Liu Hailong and Chen Dezhi, Mr. Wang Gehong, 1998-class MBA alumnus, founder of CYPA and partner at SAIF, together with 556 MBA graduates and their families attended the ceremony.

At the beginning of the ceremony, dean Zhou Lin was the first to address and extended his sincere congratulations to the 2018 MBA graduates. He introduced efforts that had been made by Antai in recent years to foster management talents and impressive performance in various international rankings. He also emphasized that an important feature of talent cultivation in business schools is the improvement of leadership. Antai’s continuous stress on the idea of combining classroom theories and corporate practice was to help students apply knowledge to practical work and make the acquired knowledge an actual propeller for professional development and career advancement. At Antai, students can meet friends with the same ideals, open their own platform and become a better version of themselves, all of which will benefit them for life. Dean Zhou hopes students can become a righteous man who pays attention to the interests of the whole and has a broad mind, even become a wise man who has both ability and integrity and think of the source when drinking water, and sincerely wishes them a wonderful life and bright future!

As the MBA teacher representative, Professor Huang Dan has taught MBA class for many years. His solid academic achievement has made him widely acclaimed among the students. During his speech, Huang shared his understanding of the SJTU spirit, i.e. rigorous, solid and aggressive. For over 30 years since the re-establishment of ACEM, the SJTU spirit has helped us become a renowned international business school. Huang hoped students can have wisdom, passion and persistence, and also wished they can find their own career and happiness in the future.

Mr. Wang Gehong, founder of CYPA and partner at SAIF, is an Antai MBA alumnus enrolled in 1998. Combining his experience of starting up a business, Wang shared with younger schoolmates six key words, i.e. shortcut, family, as much as possible, disposition, mission and redefine life. He hoped they can possess and create rich ability, vision and disposition and to “fight for the simple and right mission”!

Later, the long-expected and most exciting moment came when professors awarded Master’s degrees to all the 2018 graduates. Walking slowly towards the stage, receiving the degree with both hands, inclining head slightly and having the tassel shifted, the seemingly simple actions of which bore the two and a half years of every Antai MBA student. Every passionate case discussion, every sleepless night spent on the study desk and every surprising flash of inspiration all melted in the firm and exciting look of graduates. The moment represented the collective effort of Antai MBA students and teachers. All the joy and ardent expectation will be engraved in memory and everything, though seemingly silent, will last forever in their heart.

In a later part, the college commended students of good character and fine scholarship. Excellent Graduates of Shanghai, Excellent Graduates of SJTU, Excellent Student Leaders of MBA Student Union, Excellent Student Class Leaders, top students of all classes, authors of Excellent Paper and First-Class Student Scholarship holders went up on stage respectively to receive honorary certificates!

2018 graduate representatives were Liu Haitao from class M1512093 and Jin Xing from class M1512099. Liu Haitao shared how to continue to improve his career planning at the large platform of Antai and contribute to public welfare undertakings with his experience in the medical health industry. He sincerely hoped Antai will achieve further success at its centennial anniversary and students will make further progress. Jin Xing shared her studying and growing moments at Antai and expressed gratitude to Antai for its education, especially how to be a brave and responsible fighter as a female. She wished everyone can stay true to his/her original aspiration, bear Antai’s honor and responsibility in mind and be a brave fighter.

Professor Yu Yangming, ACEM Party secretary, wished that graduates should think of the source when drinking water, be grateful and embark upon a new journey of life, help Antai make greater achievements, and hold the belief that SJTU will be proud of them!

In the graduate performance part, over 20 students from 12 graduate classes of 2018 performed a medley of class songs. The familiar melodies reminded the graduates of sweet memories, who stood up and joined the singing one after another, bringing another sensational moment to the ceremony!

In the singing, Miao Yan, student from class 1599 and former president of the 10th MBA Student Union of Antai, on behalf of all graduates, passed the honor book representing the spirit of Antai students to Xue Fengjie, student from class 1797 and current president of the 12th MBA Student Union. Antai students will become better and better and bring honor to the school! Chu Dewei, monitor of class 1595, and Lin Baokun, monitor of class 159A, on behalf of all graduates, presented a gift to the college as congratulation on its 100th birthday. Dean Zhou Lin and Party secretary Yu Mingyang, on behalf of the college, received the gratitude of all the 2018 MBA graduates.

In the end, Zhang Yingli from class 1598 and Li Jiarui from class 159A led all graduates to take the graduation oath. The solemn oath seemed to bring everyone back to the beginning of college. After three years and in a familiar background, the same faces now wore master’s gowns. They not only acquired knowledge and experience, met schoolmates in the same pursuit, but also were inspired by the SJTU spirit “heaven and earth converge and all things become connected, up and down converge and their ideals merge”, hence more responsibility and dependence on the school!

The 2018 commencement drew to an end as all graduates sang A Hero Never Dies together. In the singing, students recalled moments in the past two and a half years, and sang out their expectations and ideals for the future. “How can one see the rainbow without experiencing the storm? No one can succeed easily…”Wish all the 2018 MBA graduates a bright future!