ACEM successfully held the first policy briefing on 2019 MBA enrollment

Publisher : MBA Office       Apr.16,2018

On Apr. 15, 2018, the first policy briefing on 2019 MBA enrollment was held at ACEM, SJTU. In order to enable the candidates at the scene to understand the admission policy, the briefing was held respectively in the afternoon and evening, just as in 2017. At the briefing, Chen Jianke, executive deputy director of ACEM MBA Center, introduced the program. Besides, Mr. Mao Jian, a 2004 alumnus and partner at KMPG Consulting (China), and Ms. Zhao Tingting, a student enrolled in 2017 and manager of Digital Marketing and PR at Sony, shared their own experience in preparing for the exam and their inspiration and gains from MBA study in ACEM.

At the beginning, Chen Jianke shared the basic data of the 2018 freshmen. He summed up the candidates’ decision to “launch the dream of business leaders with ACEM’s MBA program” and the gains from the MBA program in three aspects: brand, courses and platform. The prestigious college brand will suffice to bring positive impact on the career of an individual, and the confidence in the prestigious college needs long-term accumulation of historical precipitation and social recognition. From the program of Railway Management founded in 1918 to today’s ACEM, ACEM has gone through a century of constant pursuit of transcendence. ACEM, which is about to celebrate its 100th anniversary, is now a shining star among international and domestic business schools: its place in Financial Times Global MBA ranking is rising steadily year by year, being #34 in 2018 and first in FT top MBAs for women ranking; ACEM is also the only college in China to be listed in the 2018 QS MBA ranking. In the domestic list of “double-top universities”, “Business and Management” of SJTU is the only economics and management subject in Shanghai that is listed in the “Double-top Development Subjects” of the Ministry of Education. All of these are attributed to a professional faculty full of practical experience in business management and the school-running philosophy which pays equal attention to internationalization and localization. The rich and flexible international exchange opportunities, the strong support for innovation and entrepreneurship, and the alumni benefits of lifelong learning intensely interested the participants at the scene.

Subsequently, Mr. Mao Jian shared his views on the value of ACEM’s MBA program in ten words, namely paper, knowledge, value, profession, quality, integrity, extreme, wisdom, persistence and limitlessness, all of which share a common pronunciation ‘zhi’ in Chinese. He encouraged the candidates to develop a global view and expand connections while pursuing academic excellence; pay attention to not only mastering methodological tools, but also seeing through the human nature and the essence of things. MBA is a goal, a platform and a starting point, and the search and gains on the road of life are determined by oneself.

Then Ms. Zhao Tingting shared her own experience in preparing for the MBA exam as well as the study life and various exciting activities at ACEM. Finally, she encouraged everyone to take sufficient time to prepare for the exam, and “go all out for the most desired goal” without having regrets in life.

Finally, Chen Jianke introduced the most concerned issue at the briefing – “how to apply for ACEM’s MBA program?” Chen introduced the interview process, application notes, as well as interview batches and written exam for 2019 enrollment and the schedule for subsequent steps. He also gave guidance on how to choose the interview batch and how to meet the requirements of the interview.

During the two briefings in the afternoon and evening, the participants asked questions of their concerns and received satisfactory answers. The first policy briefing on ACEM’s 2019 MBA enrollment was successfully concluded.