ACEM’s MBA program ranked #15 in FT Top MBAs for Finance, being the first in salary increase and value-for-money rank

Publisher : MBA Office       May.07,2018

On May 7, 2018, the Financial Times (FT) released the Top MBAs for Finance 2018, in which ACEM’s MBA program ranked #15, being the first in salary increase and value-for-money rank, leaving a stunning first impression as a newcomer. It reflects the strong support of ACEM’s MBA program to managers in the financial industry, demonstrates the proud competitiveness of ACEM’s MBA graduates in the professional development, and highlights the rising reputation and international recognition of ACEM’s MBA program.


Hard work on internal strength + profound accumulation, leading to fruitful results in international and domestic rankings

In this latest release, Stanford Graduate School of Business, University of Pennsylvania: Wharton, and University of Chicago: Booth ranked the top three, and ACEM ranked #15, being the first among local business schools. In this ranking, FT selected 13 indicators in its calculation: in single indicators, ACEM’s MBA program ranked #1 in “salary increase”, which reached 265%, first in “value-for-money rank”, and #9 in “work in finance” and “moved to finance”.

In recent years, ACEM’s MBA program has showed excellent performance in international and domestic authoritative rankings and evaluations. In the FT Global MBA Ranking released in January 2018, ACEM’s MBA program ranked #34 among the top 40; in March 2018, it ranked #1 in FT Top MBAs for Women ranking; “Business and Management” subject of SJTU is the only economics and management subject in Shanghai that is listed in the “Double-top Development Subjects” of the Ministry of Education; in the fourth round of subject evaluation by the Ministry of Education, ACEM’s business management subject was rated A+, tying for the first place in the country.


In-depth cultivation of the faculty + abundant resources, making the salary increase top-ranking in the world

One of the ranking indicators that draws the most public attention is still the salary-related data. The salary increase of ACEM’s MBA graduates reached 265%, compared with that before the study of MBA program, ranking first in the world. In the value-for-money rank, ACEM’s MBA program once again ranked first in the world. More than 82% of the graduates believed that they have achieved their desired goals through ACEM’s MBA program.

Over the years, ACEM’s MBA program has been adhering to the cultivation of global vision and local practice, relying on the abundant academic resources and broad alumni platform of SJTU to train down-to-earth financial management talents who can apply the knowledge learned to their work, and truly promote the overall upgrade of the work efficiency and thinking mode. When they have made their own positive contributions in various segments of the financial industry and delivered exceptional results, ACEM’s MBA program is also fulfilling its commitment: to build the dreams of business leaders by standing on the shoulders of the century-old SJTU.


International vision + lifelong education make the program come out in front in terms of “moved to finance”

 In recent years, the financial industry has become the preferred target for those who hope to convert industries through MBA program due to its promising benefits and prospects for practitioners. According to indicators of the industries in which MBA students work, the overall proportion of ACEM’s MBA students working in finance is 37%, of which 25% have successfully moved to finance. Both indicators ranked #9 in the world, showing that the success rate of students moving from the original industry to finance through ACEM’s MBA program has taken the lead in global business schools. In addition, 50% of ACEM’s MBA graduates have “stayed in finance” before enrollment and after graduation, indicating that the knowledge acquired has helped them demonstrate stronger competitiveness in the work.

ACEM is kept informed of the two-way needs of companies recruiting graduates and graduates in their own development, providing assistance to alumni’s long-term career development. The lifelong education services provided by ACEM’s MBA program cover free elective courses, entrepreneurial guidance and venture capital applications, overseas study tours, expert forums, and numerous sharing activities held by entrepreneurial and industry associations and various student clubs. The MBA Alumni Association, the China Development Institute, the China Enterprise Development Institute and the Alumni Public Office of ACEM also cooperate with various parties, aiming to update the knowledge structure of the alumni, share industry experience, expand alumni’s friendship, and explore potential business opportunities, and committed to providing a multi-dimensional platform for growth and development.


This year marks the 100th anniversary of ACEM. The 15th ranking of its MBA program in FT Top MBAs for Finance has contributed to the college’s goal of “truly becoming a world-class college of economics and management”. ACEM’s MBA program will continue to maintain the enthusiasm of exploration and progress, be pioneering and innovative, and pursue excellence, as part of its efforts to help Chinese MBA programs outshine on the world stage!