ACEM’s MBA program successfully passed the qualification evaluation

Publisher : MBA Office       May.31,2018

On the afternoon of May 30, 2018, an on-site evaluation of the MBA program of ACEM, SJTU was held in B404 of the college. The panel is composed of five experts, namely the leader – Yu Yugang, executive dean of the School of Management, University of Science and Technology of China, together with four members – Wei Hang, executive associate dean of College of Business, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Zhi Xiaoqiang, associate dean of Renmin Business School, Xie Xiaoyun, associate dean of School of Management, Zhejiang University, and Hou Limin, associate dean of School of Business, East China University of Science and Technology. Zhang Guodong, director of the Discipline Affairs Office of the Graduate School of SJTU, Dong Ming, associate dean of ACEM, Ren Jianbiao, assistant to the dean and director of the EMBA program, Zhang Xin’an, director of the MBA program, as well as other representatives from the MBA Center and EMBA Center attended the on-site evaluation meeting.

For a starter, director Zhang Guodong expressed welcome and gratitude to the experts for coming and giving directions. Then he elaborated on the significance of this evaluation and the ongoing efforts. The college looks forward to experts’ suggestions for improvement and future development.

Next, Dong Ming and Ren Jianbiao, college leaders in charge of the MBA and EMBA programs, briefed the operations of the two programs respectively, covering ten aspects including objective and standard, training system and faculty, scientific research, system of scholarships and grants, admission, training process management, thesis quality control, education on style of study, management service and career development. Both programs are equipped with rigorous management process, strict material review, as well as serious and fair interview and enrollment. For the training part, there is a complete training system, unique curriculum structure, high-quality faculty and rich experience in practical teaching, supported by the strong scientific research capacity and hardware facilities of the college. For the thesis part, quality is controlled by means of duplicate checking, double-blind peer review, double review by supervisor and members of Thesis Defense Committee. For the alumni service, a platform has been built for lifelong learning and communication. Meanwhile, the two programs are different from each other in terms of training objectives, training system, teaching methods and teaching scale.

During the Q&A session, five experts asked questions about how the two programs can reflect the characteristics of SJTU, the cultivation and development of the faculty team, and the policy support at the level of the university and the college, among other issues. Discussions and communications were also an integral part of the session.

Finally, after discussions by the panel in a private session, it was agreed that the MBA program of ACEM, SJTU had met all requirements of the qualification evaluation, with distinctive characteristics and outstanding performance.