CLGO-China Leaders for Global Operations has won the first prize in Postgraduate Education Achievement Award of Chinese Society of Academic Degrees and Graduate Education

Publisher : MBA Office       Jan.16,2019

In October 2018, the “China Leaders for Global Operations (CLGO) ” program of Shanghai Jiao Tong University won the first prize in the selection of “The 3rd Postgraduate Education Achievement Award of Chinese Society of Academic Degrees and Graduate Education”.

The “Postgraduate Education Achievement Award of Chinese Society of Academic Degrees and Graduate Education”, which has been established since 2014 by Chinese Society of Academic Degrees and Graduate Education, has been selected every two years to reward the collective and individual who have made outstanding contributions in the research and the practical work of postgraduate education with a pioneering spirit. This year is the third selection of the award. The secretariat of Chinese Society of Academic Degrees and Graduate Education has determined 40 programs finally from 296 applications in accordance with the strict selection process. Among them, there are 1 special prize, 9 first prizes, and 30 second prizes. As for the education achievement awards, Shanghai has won 4 awards, of which there are 1 first prize and 3 second prizes; It is the first time Shanghai Jiao Tong University to win the first prize of this award.

China Leaders for Global Operations (CLGO), which was created jointly by Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2007. It is an interdisciplinary, full-time MBA program jointly sponsored by Antai college of Economics and Management, School of Mechanical Engineering, and School of Electronic Information and Electronical Engineering. Modeled after the highly successful "Leaders for Global Operations" program by MIT, CLGO is jointly operated by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, MIT, many leading multinational companies and Chinese local companies. The CLGO program brings together the rigor and technical expertise of SJTU’s two engineering schools and the cutting-edge theory of the SJTU Antai College of Economics and Management, plus the real-world experience of the CLGO industry partners.

After more than ten years' research and exploration, CLGO first established and perfected the collaborative innovation system in China: high-level manufacturing and operation leading talent training platform with three synergy cooperative mechanism. Three synergy cooperative mechanism connect each other closely: the management with the engineering, university with the enterprise, Shanghai Jiao Tong University with MIT. It fully explores the resources of all parties, takes advantage of each other and successfully constructs a multi-disciplinary, multi-tiered and all-dimensional talent training system to solve many problems in the process of teaching and training of interdisciplinary talents. The innovation points of CLGO are as follows: (1) To comprehensively enhance the international vision in theory study and program practice; (2) To foster interdisciplinary talents through multi-disciplinary collaboration and university-enterprise cooperation; (3) Leadership training mode throughout 2.5 years.

The unique training mode of CLGO is highly recognized by both domestic and foreign authoritative and social circles, including the international three authoritative certification organizations (AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA), MBA Guide Committee of Ministry of Education, as well as domestic and foreign well-known enterprises, such as Apple, Esquel group, CIMC Vehicles and so on. In addition, the CLGO program has been widely reported by mainstream financial media at home and abroad, including "Forbes" China, "Business Week", "China Daily" and so on.

This first prize of “The 3rd Postgraduate Education Achievement Award of Chinese Society of Academic Degrees and Graduate Education” is the affirmation of the past decade's exploration and practice of CLGO, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. With the past glory and new mission , the CLGO program will continue to explore and cultivate as usual, despite of any difficulties, the high-level compound talents who are proficient in technology and profound management to booster the transformation and upgrading from “Made in China” to the “Created in China”.