Ant and Antai Get Closer Up And More Friendly

Publisher : MBA Office       Dec.03,2019

Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s Antai College of Economics and Management signed a strategic agreement with Ant Financial on the weekend to cooperate in areas such as financial technology, digital financial supervision and related legislation.

The university has been working with Ant for years. Its Leo KoGuan School of Law has a journal of Internet financial law jointly with Ant Financial. Its Advanced Institute of Finance has also launched several programs with Ant Financial to research on loans to small and micro businesses, models of services for offline businesses using digital payment technologies, financial modes in rural areas, protection of private financial information and supervision on financial holding groups. Its Lab of Cryptography and Computer Security has established an innovation center for Internet financial security technology, using the lab’s achievements in financial security protection and promoting payment security. The two have launched a special foundation and sponsored 15 programs and 19 teams from home and abroad to research on Internet security.

Based on the existing achievements, the new agreement will expand the two parties’ cooperation to financial technology, including mobile payment and consumption loan, digital finance supervision and legislation in the new era, and new supervision technologies, such as block chain service integration. The two sides will also share data, study cases, organize regular exchanges and jointly publish academic papers.

The two will together develop training courses and recruit students together. Ant Financial will provide research opportunities and internships for students from Shanghai Jiao Tong while the university will recommend outstanding graduates for the company.

Source: SHINE   Editor: Yang Meiping