Antai, the Dream Fulfilled Here — Pre-MBA Education for 2020 MBA Students Officially Launching

Publisher : MBA Office       Jun.29,2020

Liu Shaoxuan, the vice dean of Antai College of Economics and Management

On June 27, 2020, the pre-MBA education conference for the 2020 Antai MBA students arrived as scheduled. Different from the students sitting in Antai lecture hall in previous years, online sharing experience this year, the students had a different feeling. The main contents of the conference are: Dean speech, message from program directors, pre-MBA education arrangement, the history of Jiao Tong University, international exchange, career development service, venture capital fund and internal student union (club).

Liu Shaoxuan, the vice dean of Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, firstly on behalf of the college, welcomed all new 2020 MBA students, and shared with all students that as a top business school in China, under the epidemic situation, taking the industry as “medium view” perspective, Antai solves difficulties and offers solutions for enterprises, and creates the first domestic online high-quality courses, builds “Antai horizon “ to deliver the wisdom of Antai. At the same time, Antai has sent surgical masks to friendship universities around the world, expressing good wishes to them, and encouraged all people of Jiao Tong University to be concerned about people in the whole world, to be brave to undertake the responsibility. Choosing Antai is the right choice. Only through continuous improvement, can we maintain the advantages. With the industry research, Antai forms the teaching system of crisscross and the unity of knowledge and action ——industry community class.

At the same time, Dean Liu extended the welcome to the students of the first period AI-MBA of Antai. As a national initiative program jointly created by Antai and the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of Jiao Tong University, he expected all AI-MBA students to assist in the artificial intelligence industry and to achieve the technological breakthroughs and more application scenarios of the landing and development.

At last, with the meaning of “Gratitude to the source of the favor”, Dean Liu expressed his expectations to Antai students to study hard as all rivers running into sea; to cultivate morality as still waters running deep; as well as when success, never forget the source of the favor. Every new student of Jiao Tong University should remember to be “grateful”, and more importantly, remember the original intention of the “love you country and bring honor to your university”, to be tolerant, tenacious and open-minded. He also wished all students in Antai to overcome difficulties, to achieve academic success, at the same time, also to be able to achieve a more noble character personality and morals, achieve great success in the wide career development!

Professor Rong Ying, the director of MBA program shared the topic of the “reconstruction of thinking mode”, which also benefited every student a lot. Combined with the work experience and enterprise cases, and with the scientific deduction method, we can have a more comprehensive thinking and make better decisions. Learning is a process of making a painstaking investigation from metamorphosis into a butterfly. As the hard science and multiple thinking model advocated by Charlie Munger, only by constantly learning scientific methods and practicing in work, we can become the elite, more quickly, and making dreams coming true more quickly. We should seek knowledge and practice knowledge with the mentality of “returning zero”, complete the sublimation of self-cognition and realize the transformation of work and life under the experience of Antai of Jiao Tong University.

After then, Wang Xiaowei, the director of Antai MBA Center, on behalf of the program, introduced the overall arrangement of “pre-MBA education for 2020 students”. In the special moment of the epidemic situation, the program is still dedicating to enhancing communication among students, cultivating team spirit and improving leadership. At the same time, we are familiar with the relevant rules and regulations of the school and enter into the learning state as soon as possible, lead the students to fully unlock the journey of Antai from various aspects, such as the soft skill training of the entrepreneurship and Innovation Forum, the core pilot course of class team building, and Antai famous teacher lecture hall.

Jiao Tong University has long history and cultural deposits of 124 years with countless unknown stories and origins. Sheng Yi, the deputy director of Qian Xuesen Library, introduced the history of the university to the new students. Shanghai Jiao Tong University has not only cultivated a large number of valuable talents to the international infrastructure construction and rapid development, but also contributed a great deal to the education in China and even overseas. The stories of outstanding alumni are very encouraging, and we are also proud of the first-class cultural genes and “storing talents and promoting national renewal” of Jiao Tong University, which make the China become a first-class great-power country.

Teacher Liu Jun and teacher Shi Kai from MBA Center, and teacher Ding Leping, from Antai Career Development Center, and Xie Yi, secretary general of the 14th Antai MBA Student Association gave the new students a comprehensive interpretation respectively from the international exchange, innovation and Entrepreneurship, Antai career development services and MBA students association.

As so-called “all rivers run into sea”, in order to develop the international vision of the MBA students vision, Antai MBA program devotes “trinity” international school-running mode, the three overseas learning experience of “MBA double degree”, “international exchange”. “Overseas study tour” to make every student in Antai local learning, at the same time, it made the students to be able to gain high quality international education experience. The Antai career guidance introduced by teacher Ding Leping was also impressive. It is inevitable to have some confusion about career development occasionally, and career mentor and employment counseling of Antai and other programs will also guide students on their career paths. As one of the three largest event of Antai MBA, teacher Shi Kai, the director of the China MBA Entrepreneurship Competition, interpreted the procession of MBA specialized venture fund for everyone and the core content of entrepreneurship competition, abundant capital, veteran investors platform and resources, which will be a greatly help to the MBA alumni of dedicating to entrepreneurship, to realizing the entrepreneurial dream together. The rich student activities and club experience of Antai will make the students “secondary combination” from industry interests and other aspects, to help them make more friends in the same way after study.

Choosing Antai is a choosing of belief; Choosing Antai is a choosing of culture; Choosing Antai is also a choosing of passion. With full of harvest from the first lesson of Antai, it left a deep impression to the new students. The students of Antai are eager to make concerted efforts and make contribution to Antai, which provides first-class service, gathers first-class talents, achieves first-class Antai. To choose Jiao Tong University is to choose a period of years of warm passion which is worth remembering and always being encouraged from it!