Past Unfolds a New Chapter – Successful Commencement Ceremony for MBA Graduates 2020

Publisher : MBA中心       Aug.10,2020

On August 9th 2020, Commencement Ceremony for 2020 Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Degree Awarding Ceremony of Antai School of Economics and Management of Shanghai Jiao Tong University was held at Shanghai International Conference Center. A sudden outbreak of novel coronavirus has delayed the graduation ceremony, which should have been held at the turn of spring and summer, to mid-summer, but it has also made all the graduates cherish this hard-won graduation ceremony and this long-lost time together even more.


Gu Feng, Deputy Secretary of SJTU Party Committee, Wang Yaguang, Dean of SJTU Graduate School, Chen Ruofang, Dean of Antai School of Economics and Management of SJTU, Yang Jie, Party Secretary of Antai School, Liu Shaoxuan, Tian Xinmin, Wu Wenfeng and Yin Haitao, Vice Deans of Antai School, Zhang Donghong, Deputy Secretary of Antai School, Rong Ying, Director General of MBA program, Zhou Jie, Member of Advisory Committee of Antai School of Economics and Management and Chairman of Haitong Securities Co., Ltd., Cheng Feng, Deputy General Manager of Shanghai United Media Group, CEO of ThePaper.cn as the alumni representative, some faculty representatives from Antai School as well as 730 MBA graduates of 2020 participated in this special congregation through online and offline methods. The ceremony was presided over by Liu Shaoxuan, Vice Dean of Antai School of Economics and Management of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU).


At the beginning of the ceremony, Deputy Secretary Gu Feng made an opening speech passionately, who expressed the sincerest congratulation to the graduates of 2020. At the same time, he also put forward several suggestions for future development under the current situation and changes. First, we need to develop a broad perspective with global vision based on the motherland; second, we need to adhere to lifelong learning and constant innovation, and maintain continuous competitiveness in the ever-changing situation. Third, we need to ensure "down-to-earth" while aiming at specific goals and enriching life with hard work and dedication. Finally, we need to be good at unity, and embrace the world with an inclusive attitude to achieve mutual benefit and form a vast forest with our roots connected with each other.


Next, Wang Yaguang, Dean of Graduate School also expressed his affirmation and wishes to the graduates, and brought three thoughts under the epidemic situation: Only by looking at others like yourself and helping each other to tide over the difficulties can we go a long way and win stability. By seeing the beginning, we can tell what is coming. We should know the truth of seeing the big with the small, have sharp eyesight to look into the details, along with the foresight to be prepared for crisis in the time of peace and the foresight to prepare for tough days. By thinking of the good, we should remember the "most beautiful and positive energy" worth remembering, from the "most beautiful” SJTU medical staffs braving the headwind, to countless SJTU forces fighting the pandemic. He hopes that after this extraordinary battle, every graduate can know more about cherishing the ordinary happiness when daily life restarts.


Later, on behalf of the Antai School of Economics and Management, Dean Chen Fangruo also sent his sincere congratulations and sound expectations to the graduates. On this parting occasion, he shared his views on the current situation and outlook for the future. First, we should be grateful for this era which deserves the pride of all Chinese people, especially in the context of the pandemic. Moreover, we should be fully aware of this challenging and uncertain times, including irresistible natural factors, conflicts between economic globalization and politics, possible social impacts of future technologies. Most importantly, coping with these challenges requires constant studies, international vision and good learning habits.


On behalf of the MBA program, Rong Ying, Director General of the MBA program, congratulated everyone on completing the transformation from classmates to alumni. He likened people's abilities to a continuous function, because abilities increase by the accumulation of the past. In the face of highly uncertain environment, the definitive response is to constantly upgrade ourselves, with an uninterrupted rising curve to break through all shocks. During this period, Antai will act as a strong backing to help you cross the limits one after another.


Cheng Feng, Deputy General Manager of Shanghai United Media Group, CEO of ThePaper.cn delivered a speech as the alumni representative. He divided university learning into three stages, among which the undergraduate study is to "see yourself" and understand your own interests and endowments. Postgraduate study is to "see the world" and see a wider world to feed yourself. After graduation, it is "to see all living beings." In terms of study, although you leave the campus, you have no end of cognition. In terms of attitude, you should have focus and refrain from anxiety. Finally, the well-connected alumni network will become everyone's passport to the world.


During more than two years of study and life at Antai, there have emerged many outstanding students with integrity and academic excellence. Their pioneering and exemplary performance was also commended on the ceremony for various honors and scholarships, including Outstanding Graduate of Shanghai Municipality, Outstanding Graduate of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Outstanding Student Cadre of MBA Students Association, Outstanding Student Cadre of Class, Outstanding Students of all classes, Outstanding Thesis winners and tutors, and the First Prize of Scholarship for students.


Clarissa, an international student representative from the full-time IMBA class, was unable to come to the ceremony due to this outbreak, and she delivered her graduation speech remotely in a special way. She says she has learned to embrace changes at Antai. Although we have witnessed and experienced a lot of "uncertainties" in 2020, uncertainty is not necessarily a derogatory term. It can also be beautiful. Because it creates many opportunities for us to explore, innovate, and appreciate the current life.


Yang Dekun from full-time CLGO program and Zhao Tingting from part-time program shared their testimonials on behalf of all the graduates. As the first double-degree winner of CLGO program, Yang Dekun looked back on the three years of pursing dreams in Antai with everyone, and also expressed his connection with and love for the school. All the graduates will continue to brave the wind and wave on the stage of life thanks to their capability developed in Antai.


Zhao Tingting shares her new understanding of the three letters of MBA from another perspective: M stands for Monster, because Antai students' thirst for knowledge is as fierce as the monster, which also makes them translate pressures to powers and become more hardworking; B stands for Better, where everyone has full harvest, by constantly making breakthroughs and becoming new propellers; A is Appreciate, because all the harvest cannot be separated from the support of teachers, classmates and family members, as well as every decision of their own.


After that, the graduates received the most ceremonial moment they had been awaiting -- degree awarding. Every graduate was faced with a bit of tension and full of expectations. In a solemn atmosphere, everyone lined up to the stage in turn, where the nine leaders presented graduation certificates and turned the tassels for them. It's a simple ceremony, but it carries a profound and inexplicable meaning. It's a turning time that graduates have successfully completed their studies and are ready to climb up high by spreading their wings.


Finally, Professor Yang Jie, Secretary of the Party Committee of Antai School of Economics and Management of SJTU, made a concluding speech. He said that in this extraordinary era, we would encounter many difficulties, out of which we need to have a healthy body, a peaceful mind, and learn to share and cooperate with others and be happy to help others win. Antai is a refueling station for everyone's knowledge and dreams. It's hoped you can create a beautiful life and future with the knowledge and spirit enabled by Jiao Tong University.


Flying all over the world, graduates will still dedicate love for alma mater. At the graduation ceremony, the students of each class expressed their gratitude and support to their alma mater in the names of themselves or the classes in different approaches, such as donation of bookshelves, electronic display screens, supporting funds for employment in west China, and 2020 crowdfunding fund of graduates.


Led by graduate representatives Wang Jiaqing of class 1797 and Yu Fei of class 1799, all the graduates of 2020 stood up and made their fists together and made a sacred and solemn graduation oath. Each sonorous oath is pouring out everyone's feelings for the past two years or more, their parting from classmates and their attachment to alma mater. It's also imbued with everyone's confidence and pride that they are about to embark on a long journey full of the knowledge, insight and courage rendered by Antai.


When the melody of "True Hero" that every Antai student is familiar with slowly sounded, three years of details surfaced before their eyes; graduates chorused one after another, thus leading to the highest point of the graduation ceremony. The sound of farewell also means the arrival of goodbye time. In closing, all the graduates of 2020 took a special group photo in this special place, which will carve the best frame moment for the memory. At this point, the 2020 MBA graduation ceremony of Antai of SJTU was concluded.


From now on, it's hoped everyone can bear in mind where you started, with the belief of "always thinking of the source when drinking water with patriotism for the nation and honor for the school", and forge ahead to write a brand new chapter!