A New Movement of Industry Research “Symphony” Played | the 2nd Session of Industry Community Class Officially Opens

Publisher : MBA Office       Dec.06,2020

There is no boundary for knowledge and travel. On December 6, the second session of Industry Community Class of Antai College of Economics & Management (ACEM), Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) officially opened in the Xuhui Campus of SJTU.

The second session of Industry Community Class continued to adhere to the strategy of “crisscrossed development and unity of knowledge and action” of ACEM, focusing on the three major industry fields of artificial intelligence, new retail and mega health, and opened enrollment for students and alumni of various projects of ACEM. Nearly a thousand students and alumni have signed up actively. According to candidate's work experience, project experience, past achievements and other information, the review committee of each industry community class comprehensively considered the proportions of students and alumni, the proportions of students in different projects, the structure of work units, the fitness and integrity of the industrial chain and other factors, and finally 198 industry elites were successfully admitted.

Chen Fangruo, the dean of Antai College of Economics & Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, attended and addressed the opening ceremony. He said that the origin of business school was to cultivate talents who really serve the national economic and social development, by studying the actual problems in frontier industries, getting the theory and feeding back to teaching. The Industry Community Class of ACEM is an innovative move for business school to return to the origin. Around the development focus of national and even global economic strategy, it focuses on the actual problems in frontier industries, and deeply integrates industry practices, forming a virtuous circle of academic, teaching and practice. It is also of great benefit to the construction of diversified new business ecosystem.

Then, Liu Shaoxuan, vice president of ACEM, introduced the basic situation of the three community classes in terms of student composition, training plan, course arrangement and teaching staff. He emphasized that the Industry Community Class is an trans-college and trans-disciplinary industry-university-research teaching exploration, and also shows the achievement of the strategic dividend of the industry research in ACEM. He hoped that the students of the Industry Community Class could have a spark of thought at ACEM, have an insight into the future of the industry, seek industry development, and help the national industry upgrade.

As the student representative of the AI Industry Community Class, Gu Liming mentioned the current situation and future of China's AI industry in his speech. He believed that even facing many difficulties, AI is still "the brightest star in the night sky", as well as an important revolution concerning the remodeling of industrial value, top-level design of national strategy and the construction of digital world. He said that the strategy of "crisscrossed development and unity of knowledge and action” of ACEM is a salve to solve the problems of the industry. He is willing to work with the students of the Industry Community Class to promote the practice and academic interaction, strive to make a breakthrough in the digitalization and intellectualization of the industry, and shoulder the mission of "doing first-class research, casting first-class talents, and establishing first-class career”.

      As the student representative of the New Retail Industry Community Class, Michael Mao deeply analyzed the trend and future of the new retail industry under the “dual circulation” development pattern based on his experience in serving the consumer retail industry for many years. He stressed that no matter the changes in the retail market or the emergence of new formats, some essential problems can always be traced back from disciplinary research. Combining the intuition on industry problems with the logic of economics and management itself can help practitioners find solutions faster. This is also the profound significance of the establishment of Industry Community Class of ACEM.

In his speech, Wu Aimin, the student representative of the Mega Health Industry Community Class, first emphasized a key word - "gratitude". He said that his achievements in the medical and health industry are inseparable from the cultivation of ACEM and the cooperation and exchanges between schools and enterprises all the time. Fortunately, this opportunity of the Mega Health Industry Community Class enables alumni to return to the classroom of ACEM and explore the future of mega health together with industry peers and academic masters. He also looked forward to building a resource sharing platform with good interaction among colleges, enterprises and alumni through Industry Community Classes. In the future, there will be more initiatives to promote the integration of industry, university and research here.

After the opening ceremony, the AI Class, the New Retail Class and the Mega Health Class carried out team ice breaking activities with the themes of “LEGO future city”, “dry land curling” and “Spring and Autumn and Warring States simulation competition”, respectively, to enhance mutual understanding and gather collective efforts through teamwork.

In the afternoon, the students of the three classes completed the first special class in Xuhui campus. Professor Yang Xiaokang (executive vice president of Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Mr. Xie Jian (president of Red Star Macalline Group), and Mr. Xu Weiguo (former president of Shanghai Xinhua Hospital), were invited as the lecturers of the first class. They brought valuable latest research results and industry frontier insights to the AI Class, the New Retail Cass and the Mega Health Class respectively, and won the unanimous praise of the students.

Innovating business studies and revitalizing industry research. With the official launch of the second session of Industry Community Class, more stage achievements of industry research have been transformed into teaching contents, and more industry leaders have joined the road of exploring the inherent laws and future trends of industry development, so as to continue to express the voice of ACEM and contribute the strength of ACEM to industry development in the new era of great changes and “dual circulation”!