【FINANCIAL TIMES】What An MBA Did For ME? - Glenn Budhi SANTOSO (2019 Intake IMBA Student)

Publisher : MBA Office       Feb.24,2021

What are your MBA survival tips?


The first tip is to always be prepared. It is quite common to receive the course material before classes start, so you can read it in advance. It will help if you do that because once the course or the day starts, there is virtually no time to catch up.

The second thing is: do not procrastinate. Every day we have courses in the morning, and in the afternoon we work on our end project, for example. We must do this on schedule. Never procrastinate because once you do, it just snowballs.

One thing that was important for me was to talk to my friends and seniors. We go on MBA programmes to make connections — to get to know and interact with people. There is a chance that you will not be an expert in a subject, so talk to people and exchange ideas. That really helps you through the course.