Financial Times Announces Its Global MBA Ranking 2022: MBA Program of ACEM SJTU Ranks 58th Globally and 1st in Career Progress in China

Publisher : MBA Office       Feb.14,2022

On February 14th 2022, the Financial Times (FT) published its 2022 Global MBA Top 100 officially, which places the MBA program of ACEM SJTU at the 58th in the world. As the only local business school in Chinese mainland ranking among the top 100 for nine consecutive years, ACEM MBA has secured its leading position in overall strength and is ranked No. 1 in China and No. 4 worldwide in the Career Progress Rank with the Salary Increase of 160%.


ACEM Continues its Glory for Nine Consecutive Years Thanks to its Strength Highlighted by Remarkable Data

As a competitive stage for top business schools, FT Global MBA Top 100 is the most competitive one of all rankings.

In addition to the top-tier place in the general ranking, the MBA program of ACEM SJTU also records outstanding performances in key indicator rankings such as Salary Increase and Career Progress: Employment Rate of three months for ACEM's MBA graduates hits 100% and Salary Increase rises dramatically to 160% with Weighted Salary reaching $133,960. What's more, it is worth mentioning that ACEM's MBA ranks No.1 in China and No. 4 in the world in the Career Progress Rank. These outstanding data fully demonstrate the unique advantages of ACEM's MBA program in talent cultivation and its continuous growth in brand power amongst the industries. ACEM SJTU is always dedicated to introducing top-level resources to its MBA program, making it available to lay a solid theoretical foundation for students based on book learning and also share first-hand industry management experience from pre-eminent faculty teams in order to develop exceptional industry elites capable of combining theory with practice. As a result, ACEM's MBA graduates are favored by employers. Chen Fangruo, Dean of Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM) said that “The essence of business schools is to study the issues encountered in practice, and then come up with theories to support the teaching in the classroom, so as to cultivate talents who can truly serve the economic and social development of the country. The logic of our education is to return to the essence, i.e., learn from practice and then apply the learning to practice. In ACEM, the concept of ‘two types of scholarship, horizontal (academic) and vertical (industry), reinforcing each other and connecting theory with practice’ is not only implemented in the academic research by faculties, but also applied in our talent cultivation. "

The continuous improvement and dedication of the MBA program of ACEM SJTU are reflected in its remarkable results in other national and international authoritative rankings and assessments. For example, the MBA program of ACEM SJTU is placed at No. 60 in the QS Global MBA Ranking 2022 and is ranked No.1 among local business schools in Chinese mainland for three consecutive years.


Build up Superior Resource Network by Joining Hands with Industry Leaders to Explore the Blue Ocean

The advantage of top-level business schools lies not only in their faculties, but also in the resources and platforms they can provide for students and alumni constantly. At the end of 2018, Dean Chen Fangruo pioneered the concept of "industry research" and created an innovative training model of the industry community class, which breaks the resource barriers between every single discipline and the academia and the industry, integrates alumni and students from MBA, EMBA, EE and GPER, and carries out in-depth cooperation with leading enterprises in various industries to integrate industry resources and empower students and alumni with value-added services. ACEM has now set up industry community classes in nine sectors, including fintech, artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing, smart energy and automotive industry, as well as innovation and entrepreneurship, mega health, mega cultural creativity and new retail in order to build a platform for knowledge innovation, talent training and resource exchange based on the industry, which can provide valuable opportunities for more alumni and students to have face-to-face communications with industry leaders.

When the industry community class has opened up a new perspective and made great progress all the way, the MBA program of ACEM SJTU has kept its efforts in high-quality resource integration and continuous exploration and innovation. On April 12th 2021, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) and the Bank of China concluded the Framework Agreement on the Joint Establishment of Technology and Finance Institute and the Strategic Cooperation Agreement for the New Development Stage, announcing the official launch of this top-tier resource cooperation at RMB hundreds of millions. SJTU and BOC will take the TechFin MBA as the starting point to jointly build the SJTU-BOC Technology and Finance Institute through ACEM. With the vision to "build a global technology and finance institute leading the future", both parties will give full play to their respective advantages to further promote the mutual empowerment of finance and technology, and carry out all-round resource cooperation on talent cultivation, project research, practice and training, innovation and incubation, and integration between industry and education.

In addition, the MBA program of ACEM SJTU will continue to explore innovative models that can better meet the expectations of society and the needs of graduates based upon its profound strength and strategic cooperation. With the primary goal of cultivating future industry experts who understand both technology and management, the program will further integrate top-tier resources from industries and work together with industry leaders to develop a network of such top-tier resources, which can nurture every MBA student and ensure the excellent development of graduates in their career life.


Strengthen the Program Characteristics to Attract Outstanding Students for Business Excellence

Since the environment for innovation and entrepreneurship imposes increasingly higher requirements on talent cultivation, the MBA program of ACEM SJTU has actively transformed its concept by further developing the full-cycle talent training system for entrepreneurial practice to cater for the new context.

The MBA Entrepreneurship Elite Class composed of investors, on-campus entrepreneurs and alumni entrepreneurs, offers 8 entrepreneurship courses, 2 offline activities as well as offline training for more than 1,000 attendances to deliver full support and stand side by side for their development in various aspects, such as business selection for startup, battle with the pain points for business growth as well as exploration for profit model, etc. The MBA program of ACEM SJTU has accelerated the integration with the innovation and entrepreneurship education of the University by strengthening cooperation with Student Entrepreneurship Center and School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation of SJTU to support and guide the entrepreneurship programs of SJTU students. Furthermore, it actively connects with the post-doctoral technology programs of SJTU, taking the first step in the transfer of scientific and technological achievements and technological fusion.

As a program in direct cooperation with top-echelon international schools, the CLGO program of ACEM SJTU maintains close communications with the LGO program of MIT. On the premise of keeping the curricula synchronized and in order to meet the actual needs of students, which are constantly developing along with the changing times, the CLGO program actively upgrades the curriculum system and offers innovative courses, such as lean operation, probability statistics and machine learning, big data and business analysis. In the meantime, in response to the proposal by China's central government to "build the new development pattern featuring dual circulations in which domestic and overseas markets reinforce each other", the MBA Office focuses its attention on the leading local enterprises in China, continuously explores resources of new corporate partners and innovates a new cooperative mode between the school and the enterprise.


It is believed that the cold winter due to the pandemic will eventually go away as the enthusiasm for cooperation at home and abroad continues to grow, and innovative methods and thoughts continue to bear fruits. The MBA program of ACEM SJTU will keep up its pragmatic and innovative approaches based on its strong faculties to attract outstanding students, while developing high-quality curricula and promoting the industry community, in order to move forward more steadily and further on the journey of cultivating future business leaders with advanced ideas and industry practice, and to make greater contributions to sharing the story of ACEM and expressing the sound of China!