A Cooperation Agreement Signed by SJTU and Bank of China for Establishing BOC Institute of Technology and Finance

Publisher : MBA Office       Feb.25,2022

On February 24th, 2022, the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement between Bank of China (BOC) and Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) was held at Bao Zhaolong Library on Xuhui Campus of SJTU. Gu Feng, Executive Deputy CPC Secretary of SJTU, Xi Lifeng, member of the CPC Standing Committee and Vice President of SJTU, Wang Guangyan, Director of Financial and Planning Office, Jiang Xinghao, Director of Office of Asset Administration and Laboratory, Guan Haibing, Director of Network and Information Center, Chen Fangruo, Dean of ACEM, Jiang Wenning, CPC Secretary of ACEM, and Liu Shaoxuan, Associate Dean of ACEM, as well as Zhang Shouchuan, CPC Secretary and General Manager of BOC Shanghai Branch, Yang Yimin, CPC Secretary of BOC Shanghai College of International Finance, Xing Guiwei, Chairman of BOC Financial Technology Co., Ltd., and Yang Jun, Senior Account Manager of BOC Shanghai Branch attended the signing ceremony. The signing ceremony was presided over by Liu Shaoxuan.


Gu Feng firstly congratulated Bank of China on its 110th anniversary on behalf of SJTU, who pointed out that SJTU is a higher education institution with a history of 120 years, meanwhile Bank of China is a century-old bank. Both sides have the shared mission and responsibility to serve the strategic development of the country, and have also maintained a good cooperative partnership and achieved fruitful cooperation results. Both sides would carry out in-depth and diversified cooperation based upon SJTU-BOC Institute of Technology and Finance, give full play to the synergistic effects of innovators of industry, university and research, undertake the fundamental task of shaping morality and nurturing talents, and build the institute into an important platform and forefront to cultivate professionals in technology transfer and promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements for the sound and rapid development of national economy. It is expected that both sides will take this opportunity to forge ahead and strive to promote educational development, social progress and national rejuvenation.


Zhang Shouchuan said that Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Bank of China jointly put forward and practiced the concept of the Institute of Technology and Finance, facing the world's technological frontier, the main economic forefront and the major needs of the country, which is to implement the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education, the strategy of strengthening the country through talents and the strategy of innovation-driven development with tangible actions. Based upon this collaboration, Bank of China (BOC) would further strengthen the resource sharing, and facilitate complementary advantages and win-win results of industries and academia between both parties. With the vision of "building the world's top-tier technology and finance institute leading the future," BOC will work with SJTU to explore more new paths and news modes of bank-school cooperation, promote talent cultivation, academic innovation and application of research findings, and fully support SJTU to become a world-class university with Chinese characteristics, meanwhile BOC will also contribute to the in-depth integration and high-quality development of higher education and financial industry.


Chen Fangruo introduced the cooperation between both sides. Since the signing of the Framework Agreement on Cooperation and Co-development of the Institute of Technology and Finance in April 2021, both parties have held close discussions and meetings on the development of talent training system in technology transfer, the development of organizational structure for the institute, the development of teaching and office spaces, etc. He expressed that in the future, both parties would focus on the talent cultivation, cross-disciplinary research and application of research findings by the Institute of Technology and Finance, actively integrate into the national innovation system, promote the cultivation of high-level multi-disciplinary talents by synergizing industries and academia, thus suppporting the development of a powerful country driven by science and technology.


Afterwards, Zhang Shouchuan and Xi Lifeng signed the Cooperation Agreement on the Support of Bank of China for Shanghai Jiao Tong University to Build SJTU-BOC Institute of Technology and Finance on behalf of the bank and the university respectively. Gu Feng, Chen Fangruo, Jiang Wenning, Yang Yimin, Xing Guiwei and Yang Jun jointly witnessed the ceremony. This Agreement further defines the development plan and objectives of the Institute of Technology and Finance, marking that the SJTU-BOC Institute of Technology and Finance has entered into a stage for comprehensive development.


Also present at the signing ceremony were Yao Yongming, Director of Office of BOC Shanghai Branch, Zheng Dingcheng, General Manager of Human Resources Department, Fei Xiaoxian, General Manager of Personal Digital Finance Department, Wu Wenxin, Head of Xuhui Sub-branch, Han Lu, Deputy General Manager of Information Technology Department of Shanghai Branch (in charge of the work), Wu Yin, Deputy General Manager of Financial Management Department, Zhu Huan, Deputy General Manager of Administrative Institution Department, Yang Zhen, Deputy Head of Xuhui Sub-branch, Chen Xin, Senior Manager of BOC Shanghai College of International Finance, Chen Zhi, Assistant General Manager of Innovation Research Center of BOC Financial Technology Co., Ltd., Xia Lei, Director of Comprehensive Management Office Manager of SJTU-BOC Institute of Technology and Finance, Chen Jianke, Director of Integrated Development Center for Industry and Education, Zhang Xiaoli, Director of Academic Affairs Office of ACEM, and Wu Qionglei, Director of the Information Center.