Good News -- 2024 QS Global MBA Rankings Released: SJTU ACEM MBA Among Top Three in Chinese Mainland for Five Consecutive Years

Publisher : MBA Office       Oct.28,2023

On October 25th, 2023, QS, a global higher education research institution, released the 2024 QS Global Full-time MBA Rankings, covering 315 MBA programs from 48 countries, regions and special areas. There are 5 MBA programs from Chinese mainland which rank among the top 100 in the world. Tsinghua University, CEIBS and SJTU ACEM rank among the top three in Chinese mainland, meanwhile SJTU ACEM MBA program ranks 64th among the top 100 in the world for five consecutive years.


The QS Global Full-Time Rankings are based on five key indicators comprising 13 criteria: Employability, Return on Investment, Entrepreneurship & Alumni Outcomes, Thought Leadership, and Class & Faculty Diversity. Employment rate is the core component of Employability. QS calculates the employment rate of students within three months after graduation according to MBACSEA standard, and SJTU ACEM’s MBA scores a high point of 100. In the key indicator of Return on Investment, QS compares the average salary after MBA graduation with the average salary before enrollment, taking into account the loss of income, tuition expenses and living costs during the study. This year, SJTU ACEM MBA has again received a comprehensive score higher than 90 points, i.e., 91.7 points better than previous year, much higher than the global average score of 62.9 points. These objective indicators reflect the long-term focus of SJTU ACEM MBA on students' career development needs, which fully demonstrates that the program hinges on the combination of theory and industrial practice, deepens the collaboration with businesses, and provides students with diversified platforms for practice. Dragon Team and Lion Team provide students with cross-project, cross-cultural and interdisciplinary opportunities for corporate consulting practice, while I-Plus paid internship program offers opportunities for in-depth corporate internship and target positions in advance.


The outstanding performance of SJTU ACEM MBA in employability and salary is also directly reflected in other international authoritative rankings. In the 2022 global MBA ranking published by the Financial Times, the Employment Rate of SJTU ACEM’s MBA graduates within three months reached 100%, the Salary Increase reached160%, and the Career Progress Rank ranked the first in China and fourth in the world. In addition, SJTU ACEM’s MBA program keeps its excellent performance in the latest authoritative rankings and evaluations released in China. In the second round of “Double First-Class” initiative to develop universities and disciplines issued by the Chinese Ministry of Education, the Business Administration of SJTU has become the only discipline of this category selected in the whole Yangtze River Delta region. In the latest round of subject evaluation and the first professional degree level evaluation, the first-level subject of Business Administration, the first-level subject of Management Science and Engineering and the Master of Business Administration were all ranked A+, establishing a prevailing advantage within the subjects among the Chinese business schools.


In the future, SJTU ACEM’s MBA Program will keep its focus on top-tier faculty members, continuously introduce top-class resources, integrate teaching, training system and management practice more closely, cultivate "irreplaceable" future management elites with cross-cultural, interdisciplinary and cross-subject capabilities, make solid progress in academic innovation and talent cultivation, build a diversified and sustainable career development platform for students, and continue to concentrate on industrial practice, adhere to social responsibilities, and make more contribution to China's economic and social development.