The First Sustainable Development Forum Successfully Held at Xuhui Campus

Publisher : MBA Office       Sep.19,2023

The First Sustainable Development Forum themed "Circular Economy: Leading Sustainable Development." was successfully held by Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM), Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) on September 17 at Xuhui Campus. Leading academics, industry professionals, and alumni graced the event, including Ling Wen, Chair Professor and a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering; Chen Fangruo, Dean of ACEM; Zhu Qinghua, Vice Dean of the China-US Logistics Institute; and leaders from governmental bodies and corporations. The forum is hosted by Yin Haitao, Vice Dean of ACEM and the head of the research team on new energy power generation and energy storage at the Institute of Industry Research.

Dean Chen Fangruo warmly welcomed the attendees at the opening speech. He elaborated on the ACEM's recent progress and its initiatives integrating practical applications with theoretical learning, catering to sustainable development.

Ling Wen delivered a keynote speech on "The Path to Green and Low-carbon Sustainable Development in China's Energy Sector." Ling discussed ESG, emphasizing its importance as the fourth report card for businesses. He also urged the Antai College to lead in academic research and groundbreaking innovations in the field.

Mao Tao, from the International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, addressed the rising trends in green supply chains against the backdrop of carbon neutrality. He highlighted the nation's commitment and shared insights into China's direction in establishing green supply chains.

Zhu Qinghua's speech revolved around "Circularity Direct to Sustainability: Innovative Governance in ESG," emphasizing China's potential in sustainable development due to its role as a major producer and consumer.

Yu Weijing discussed sustainable practices in the water industry, touching upon the development of urban water supplies, sewage treatment, water reuse, and the increasing capacity of related infrastructures.

Janet Neo from L'Oréal shared the company's endeavors in sustainable consumption. From product formulation to packaging innovations, L'Oréal aims to foster a sustainable consumption model.

The roundtable discussion, hosted by Antai MBA alumna Kong Ling, founder and CEO of Qianying Technology, featured industry experts discussing trends, challenges, and opportunities from various vantage points, including green finance, carbon trading, and ESG investment.

Under the banner "Industry Research On-the-Go," ACEM has been dedicated to creating an ecosystem for industry studies over the past five years. The college signed a strategic cooperation agreement with SAIC Motor's Innovation Research and Development Institute, aiming to bolster quality growth through their mutual strengths.


Sustainability, while an end goal, also serves as a driving force. Supported by alumni enterprise Qianying Technology and the Shanghai Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Center, the forum acquired 2 tons of National Verified Voluntary Emission Reduction CCER from the Xiaxian Sijiao Wind Farm Phase II 49.5 MW wind power project, offsetting all greenhouse gas emissions from the event. This initiative was certified carbon neutral by the Shanghai Environment and Energy Exchange.