Create a Well-being Life and Society Hand in Hand -- Theme Forum of ACEM and MUJI Successfully Held

Publisher : MBA Office       Dec.02,2023

On December 2, the Theme Forum: “A Well-being Life and Society”, in which SHIMIZU Satoshi, Chairman of MUJI China, delivered a keynote speech, was successfully concluded at the Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM), Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). More than 400 participants witnessed the signing of the strategic partnership agreement between ACEM and MUJI China, who will work together to create a sustainable and better future.

This event was hosted by YU Jiangxue, a 2022 SJTU Antai MBA alumnus and Leader of Sustainability Committee, MUJI China. YIN Haitao, Associate Dean of ACEM, delivered the opening speech. Yin emphasized that an engine is required for achieving the ideal of sustainability. In addition to government support, commerce is an important force that can serve as an engine to drive the development of the whole society towards a sustainable future. Our goal at ACEM is to work with alumni  and current students to promote social progress and take on more social responsibilities.

The preparation for the strategic partnership between ACEM and MUJI China began in October this year. After nearly two months of planning, the two sides started comprehensive university-enterprise partnership on corporate internship bases, case studies, education & training, and environmental protection strategies. On the site of event, SHIMIZU Satoshi, Chairman of MUJI China, and YIN Haitao, Associate Dean of ACEM, signed a strategic partnership agreement.

Subsequently, Mr. SHIMIZU Satoshi, Chairman of MUJI China, gave a wonderful keynote speech. From the perspective of MUJI's sustainable business philosophy, he told the story of MUJI's connection with China and expressed his determination to take root in the Chinese market for development in the future. Upon sharing the sustainable business strategy model of MUJI, he also mentioned the efforts and reflections made to achieve a balance between corporate social responsibility and commercial profitability. Shimizu said that MUJI aims to solve the problems of the entire society and humanity in addition to making life simple and beautiful through products and services. It is hoped to become a thoughtful and meticulous collective, from the subtle fragments of life to the future on a global scale. While the times are constantly evolving, it still keeps taking action to pursue its original aspirations. The on-site audience was also inspired by this, sparking many valuable thoughts and reflections.

At the end of the forum, Yin summarized the event and brought up a beautiful vision: in the future, we will combine the power of enterprises and academia, to make the society better through such events; meanwhile, by constantly exploring possibilities, enterprises and business schools can also achieve an all-win situation among society, environment, and business models, turning ideals into actions, and jointly promoting the aspiration for development of a well-being life and society.

It is noteworthy that MUJI created a creative exhibition area of sustainable products for this event: the exhibition area made of corrugated cardboard is decorated with colorful residual thread spools, restoring the process of locally grown hemp in China from stems to coarse sands. The miniature beach formed by the gathering of "OBP particles" presents the story behind the birth of sustainable products from material to finished product, fully communicating and interacting with the audience, calling on all sectors to pay attention to sustainable development, and once again returning to the theme of this forum: "A well-being life and society" requires everyone to create it together.

With a dining table made from recycled coffee grounds, organic tea break and coffee, the sustainable "dining table" provided by Café&Meal MUJI is a popular section outside the venue.

The entire process of this forum event was penetrated by the concept of sustainability. All disposable materials and supplies were avoided at the event site, and sustainable materials and methods were used as much as possible. Even the forum posters were recycled and made into small bags as gifts for lucky participants after the event.

ACEM and MUJI will start with this strategic partnership to keep on exploring the prospects of a sustainable future. We hope that every sustainable seed taken away by the audience can turn into a hope and determination to jointly create a well-being life and society for the future.