New policy! New process! New training system! Press Conference on Admission Policy for SJTU Antai MBA Program in 2025 Successfully Held

Publisher : MBA Office       Apr.03,2024

Everything is thriving as the spring brings the warmth. The press conference on the admission policy and training system for SJTU Antai MBA program in 2025 was grandly held at the Xuhui Campus of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Antai MBA with a 30-year history, with the stunning debut of its brand new 4C competence tower training system, presented a forward-looking solution to enhance the core competitiveness of MBA students in the new situation. The main venue at A300 auditorium was filled to capacity, while the Shanghai and Shenzhen parallel sessions were also popular, with over 12,000 live viewers on online platforms.

Comprehensive upgrade of training system

Four major matrices of massive resources

As an important part of this press conference on admission policy, the new "4C Competence Tower Training System" of SJTU Antai MBA was officially released. The 4C Competence Tower is composed of courses and resources. On the basis of the management tools, management framework, leadership and humanistic quality courses in the core business management courses, which are the traditional advantages of SJTU Antai, it has newly launched the module of theory-practice connection and the module of in-depth industry research, providing practical classroom experience integrating multiple elements, such as “academic professors - industry experts - exclusive cases” and “professor insight - consulting practice - enterprise feedback”, and helping MBA students build cognitive advancement from information to knowledge and then to management wisdom.


In addition to the courses, the four key competences of SJTU Antai MBA in a more BANI era, namely cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary, cross-boundary, and cross-industry competence, match the exclusive resource matrices of Antai MBA.


Standing at the beginning of the next 30 years, Antai MBA will expand its scope of partnership with the top engineering colleges of SJTU, and deepen the partnership in multiple dimensions, such as faculty sharing, joint project development, and university-enterprise partnership, with SME, SEIEE, AI Research Institute of SJTU, and SMSE, to provide more internal and external resources and observation perspectives for MBA students with the unique interdisciplinary accumulation of SJTU. Antai MBA will also continue to work with the Grand neoBay and launch a joint entrepreneurship initiative for sci-tech innovation enterprises, connecting the hard technology resources of the SJTU with the development of MBA students, so that Antai MBA students can walk with outstanding individuals and find the most promising future partners under new trends. The ten industry community classes unique to SJTU Antai and the ten industry professional committees under the management of MBA Alumni Association have leveraged the integration of celebrity professors, senior alumni, industry leaders, and other communities to support a high-standard industry information exchange platform, building an ecosystem with resource barrier and helping SJTU Antai MBA students achieve capacity expansion and thinking upgrading.

30th-anniversary philosophy announced

Alumni share enlightening insights

2024 marks the 30th anniversary of SJTU Antai MBA program, as well as the 40th anniversary of the restoration of the Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM). In addition to the launch of a new "4C" training system, the "SJTU Antai MBA 30th-Anniversary Elite Font" customized by Hanyi Fonts, an alumni-related company, for Antai MBA was also grandly unveiled at the press conference on admission policy. Yin Haitao, Associate Dean and Distinguished Professor of ACEM; Chen Jindi, Director and Deputy General Manager of Hanyi, and an alumnus of 2017 SJTU Antai MBA; and Xu Ping, Director of SJTU Antai MBA Center, jointly pressed the start button to unveil the font.

The 30th anniversary logo and the slogan "connecting theory with practice, and building ecosystem” officially debuted in public. The first half “connecting theory with practice”, focusing on solving practical problems, echoes the college's strategy of "Two types of scholarship, horizontal (academic) and vertical (industry), reinforcing each other and connecting theory with practice". The second half “building ecosystem” means that Antai MBA program is committed to helping students build a forward-looking and strategic personal competence ecosystem, a community ecosystem with resource barrier and a future development ecosystem oriented by social responsibility and entrepreneurial spirit. The whole slogan deeply resonated with the candidates present.


The senior sharing section of the press conference is highly anticipated every year. The two senior alumni shared their insights this time are: Su Kai, a 2005 MBA alumnus and a HongShan partner who has transformed from an IT engineer to a well-known domestic investor; and Pang Shen, a 2020 alumnus of SJTU Antai MBA program and the chairman of Hywave Tech, who has practical experience in equity and debt operations in China and the United States and has transformed and grown into the founder of a sci-tech innovation enterprise relying on the huge resource pool of the Antai MBA program.

Su Kai reviewed his magical career development curve from being a teacher, IT engineer, CEO of a fast fashion group, CEO of a foreign company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, to a well-known domestic investor, emphasizing the profound impact of SJTU Antai MBA program on his business insights, management thinking shaping, and personal management methodology construction.

Pang Shen shared his experience of founding Hywave Tech during his studies and being recognized in the China MBA Entrepreneurship Competition and the first Alumni Entrepreneurship Competition held by SJTU Antai MBA. During this process, several investments were achieved through the huge resource pool of Antai MBA, the college and the university. During his studies in project and industry community classes, he received investment from Shenergy Group under Shanghai State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission through peer support, tutor referrals, and other means. With investment promotion, the project landed and developed in Suzhou. Pang smiled and said that he should be the one with the highest return on investment among all students of 2020 class. The sincere, pragmatic, and insightful views and experiences shared by the two senior alumni greatly benefited the candidates present.

Both policy and process reformed

Dream of elites takes off

Considering the importance of cross-industry competence for future non-traditional managers, and to guide Antai MBA candidates to focus on accumulating and stimulating cross-industry cognition and innovative thinking, the early interview process for entering SJTU Antai MBA program in 2025 will include cross-industry cognition assessment in the stage of drawing questions. After drawing a recently hot industry topic, the candidate need to briefly express his/her cognition and views, which require his/her social insight, cross-industry information accumulation, and complex problem analysis and solving ability. This is also in line with Antai MBA's commitment to building a high-quality community ecosystem with the goal of a "boutique" MBA program.


At the end of this press conference, Fu Hanwei, Deputy Director of Antai MBA Center, announced that the early interview and admission policy of SJTU Antai MBA was officially upgraded from the "Golden Eagle Plan" to the "Elite Plan". Excellent interviewees will be qualified as "Excellent in Antai Elite Selection" and matched with the corresponding "Passing Score for Excellent in Elite Selection". The schedule for the six batches of early interviews throughout the year was also officially announced. The first batch of interview applications will expire on April 7th, and the interview application channel will officially open in late March.


The press conference on admission policy for SJTU Antai MBA program in 2025 has come to a successful conclusion. Afterwards, the admission team will provide candidates with a periodic and diverse admission event per 10 days. In addition to inviting renowned Antai teachers such as Lu Ming and He Fan to teach experiential classes, outstanding senior students and alumni will also be invited to participate in open admission days, interview experience sharing sessions, early interview round table parties, brand friend cocktail parties and other occasions. The Antai MBA Program National Tour will also visit 17 other cities including Beijing, Wuhan, Changsha, Qingdao, Chengdu, Xi'an, Nanning, Suzhou, Wuxi, etc. to meet local candidates.

Connecting theory with practice, and building ecosystem! The SJTU Antai MBA will introduce more high-quality resources such as SJTU's advantageous engineering resources, industry-leading enterprises, and well-known alumni networks, laying out a high-quality ecosystem for every SJTU Antai MBA student and enhancing their personal core competitiveness, to jointly cross the economic cycle. Looking forward to more outstanding candidates and partner enterprises to enter the next more wonderful and leading thirty years together with Antai MBA program!