Each year Antai College receives and sends out over 150 undergraduate, graduate and MBA students for exchange. To create a more internationalized environment, the college has developed more than 80 English-taught courses and 100 bilingual courses at all levels. In addition to traditional one-term student exchanges, we also provide customized China-based study tours, summer programs, and overseas study tours for EMBA and executive education participants.

IMBA Full-time

The IMBA program at ACEM is unique in that it offers students a global perspective with a Chinese focus, utilizing foreign professors, exchange programs and courses taught solely in English. Our program attracts top domestic applicants who learn alongside international peers and exchange students. The IMBA is ideal for MBA candidates seeking to grasp both Eastern & Western standards in business, a key advantage as our world becomes increasingly smaller and interconnected. ACEM boosts of many connections and cooperation with universities throughout the globe, backed by the century-long history of SJTU, which prepares our IMBA graduates to meet the needs of economic globalization with both solid professional experience and modern managerial theories.
The IMBA is a full-time two-year program, with the first three semesters focused on intensive, thought-provoking classroom study, internships or overseas exchange programs and the fourth semester for dissertation.

CLGO Full-time

China has experienced first-time-in-history evolution over the past few decades. That unmatched pace of development has brought unprecedented challenges to enterprises operating in China and the broader region, whether mainland based or from overseas. These enterprises cry out for leaders with an intimate understanding of the China business and societal environment, combined with a truly global mindset, well capable of excelling in both scientific rigor and globally relevant strategic thinking and execution.
That need, and that opportunity, is the genesis of China Leaders for Global Operations program. Our foundation is exceptionally strong:
- We developed CLGO beginning nearly 15 years ago, in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). MIT developed its Leaders for Global Operations programs about 30 years ago, and it’s that heritage foundation of quality, academic focus and rigor that we build on for our CLGO program.
- SJTU is uniquely positioned to power the CLGO program – our engineering school is world-famous for rigor and technical expertise, while the Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM) has earned a reputation throughout the region and worldwide as a leading business school.
- Our many engagements with corporate partners have further strengthened the program, bringing real-world, current and strategically imperative perspectives to our students, faculty and coursework – becoming a fourth pillar of our strength.

MBA Part-time

Part-time MBA program includes General MBA program and Financial MBA program. General MBA program aims at cultivating inter-disciplinary talent with capability of management, international perspective and creativity. Much emphasis has been put on the curriculum design to combine the classical theory and the actual conditions in China together. The purpose of this program is to improve students ‘problem-solving ability when they meet realistic problems, and at the same time, to broaden their horizon, enhance their professional techniques. Financial MBA program is modeled after many world-famous business schools’ curriculum design and also conducts the demand of CFA Test. This program is designed to let the students become more competitive when they are faced with competition in international financial market.