●The Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM) was authorized to establish the MBA program by the Academic Degree Commission under the State Council.

  ●Antai established its MBA program in Shenzhen Youth College.

  ●The SJTU Professional MBA degree for business management personnel of medium and large state-owned enterprises was authorized by the Academic Degree Commission under the State Council. This led to an increase in the total student enrollment from the 30 to 300.
  ●The SJTU ACEM MBA recruitment policy adopted the National Joint Entrance System, including the GRK entrance examination

  ●The SJTU MBA Forum was founded. The MBA forum has become well-known and widely respected within the Shanghai local business community. The forum is recognized as a distinguishing feature among Shanghai universities, and reflects the importance SJTU places on cooperation and practical application.

  ●The SJTU MBA distance-learning class was successfully implemented. The class was made possible by the cooperation of the Shanghai Post and Telecommunications Administrative Bureaus.
  ●The SJTU College of Education in Shandong (which is jointly managed by Shandong Young Cadre Institute) was founded, and began recruiting MBA candidates.

  ●A cooperation agreement with Antai International Group was signed, and the name Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM) was adopted.
  ●A national training conference for Chinese MBA business schools was held at ACEM. The attendees of the meeting included the leaders of the Academic Degree Commission under the State Council, experts from the National MBA Direction Committee, and the leaders of Western China’s Ten New MBA Schools.
  ●The ACEM MBA program was recognized with the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Teaching Award.

  ●An agreement with UBC to open MBA courses was signed in Jin Mao Tower. The President of SJTU Professor XieShengwu, and Vice-President of UBC LndiraSamarasekera attended the ceremony. The Vice-President of Antai College Mr. Wang Fanghua, and Vice-President of the UBC College of Management Stanley Hamilton signed the agreement as representatives of their respective institutions.

  ●The SJTU Career Development Center was founded.
  ●The Technical Management Domain Long-Term Cooperation Memorandum was signed with Hong Kong Technology University. This agreement facilitated the implementation of the ACEM Master of Technology Management (MTM) degree program.
  ●The MBA program was awarded “Hong Kong City University Degree”, and became jointly operated with Hong Kong City University.
  ●Asia and Pacific Business Week ranked SJTU Antai College of Management in 23rd place.
  ●ACEM was the first college to create professional MBA teaching methods, and set up International MBA and Technical Management MBA programs in China. The International MBA program is available to both domestic and foreign students, with classes taught entirely in English. Teachers are from both overseas and domestic colleges and universities.
  ●The MBA in Technology Management engaged domestic and international students in a variety of relevant areas, including Manufacturing, Information Technology, and Real Estate industries.

  ●ACEM Successfully sponsored the 4th China MBA Forum.
  ●The ACEM Financial Management MBA program was first offered to meet the standard requirements of international finance professionals. This program adopted international well-known MBA curriculums and CFA test courses, and set up a series of financial and accounting courses.
  ●ACEM was ranked among the top 5 Chinese MBA colleges by the “Chinese University Appraisal” task group and New Fortune Journal.

  ●In "Asia Business Weekly" MBA Ranking, the ACEM MBA program was awarded 3rd place in the East Asian Region, trailing only Hong Kong Chinese University and Hong Kong University.
  ●ACEM MBA alumnus, President Wang Yi Ming of SJTU Withub Information Industries Liability Ltd. Company was elected for the third time as a “Top Ten New Sharp Shanghai IT Youth”.
  ●ACEM MBA Business School was ranked #4 by Manager Magazine.
  ●The MBA program won the “Shanghai First” award, a special award recognizing Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s teaching achievement.
  ●Several MBA alumni were awarded the MBA achievement award. These eight graduates were YANG Guoping, WANG Buning, WANG Yi, GAO Weiyu, ZHONG Xiaoming, ZHUGE YuJie, DENG Lin, WEI Lie.
  ●MBA alumni Qian Jun and Fan Xiaobing were awarded the “Entrepreneur Hero” award at the 5th session of the Chinese MBA Development Forum.

  ●At the 2nd session of the Shanghai University MBA “Sunshine Cup” sports festival at East China University of Science and Technology stadium, our MBA team obtained excellent results, winning the basketball and the soccer championship, and third place in badminton.
  ●ACEM MBA graduates, ZHAO Yanping, TIAN Jun, SHANG Ling, and LI Xuefeng won the second session of MBA achievement awards.
  ●The MBA program attained the National Teaching Achievement Second Prize for its degree promotion and branding.

  ●In the third session of the “Sunshine Cup”, the Shanghai MBA athletic games, ACEM successfully defeated Dong Hua University. Our MBA team achieved excellent results, winning the basketball and the ping pong women’s singles championship, and winning several second and third place awards in other events.
  ●The International MBA Elite Gathering and 2006 Chinese MBA Character Evaluation was held by CCTV, 20 Chinese mainstream media groups of the Asian and Pacific MBA Federation, and the Asian and Pacific area “Hundred Well-Known Management Institutes” in Beijing. The President of Antai College of Economics and Management, Professor Wang Fanghua was presented with the Promotion and Contribution Award for his contribution to Chinese MBA education. MBA graduate Yang Guoping received the award “Chinese MBA Man of Our Time”. ACEM more awards than any other university.
  ●ACEM signed the Memorandum of Joint Student Consulting Project Program (JSCP) with the Ohio University School of Business. This project started in July 2007, as a cooperation between Chinese and American MBA students. Students completed diagnostic reports of enterprises.
  ●In the third session of the MBA Achievement Award, ACEM was voted one of the Top Ten Colleges for MBA Achievement.
  ●The China Leaders for Global Operations (CLGO) Program was started. This program was sponsored jointly by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA), Antai College of Economics and Management, and Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s Mechanical College and Electronic and Information College. This program is the university’s first 2.5-year educational program, and is a full-time master’s degree program in MBA and Engineering.
  ●ACEM MBA was ranked 4th in China by Manager Magazine in 2006, after Tsinghua, CEIBS and Beijing University.
  ●In Forbes Magazine MBA Ranking, ACEM part-time MBA program was ranked second in China.
  ●ACEM MBA alumni CAO Tong Yu, LU Shen, GU Jianhua, CAO Jiahua, LU Bin, SHIYongqiang attained the third session of MBA achievement awards.

  ●On April 20th, MBA Readers Club was founded and reading activities were held.
  ●On May 28th, JIANG Zhen Scholarship Award Ceremony of SJTU was held on Fahuazhen Campus. 8 outstanding MBA students were offered a prize of ¥10000/year for two years, and one was awarded $10,000 dollars to study abroad.
  ●On September 9th, the first semester of China Leaders for Manufacturing was jointly run by SJTU and MIT.
  ●On October 31st the 5th ceremony of the joint MBA run by SJTU and Euromed Marseille Ecole de Management, the 2005 student graduate ceremony and 2007 student opening ceremony were held. It announced the beginning of the AEMBA program for 2008.
  ●On November 4th the final competition of Hua Wei Enterprise Project Competition was held at Antai College of Economics & Management Lecture Hall. Among the 93 teams that applied, only 10 teams passed the first-round competition and moved on to the final. These teams, which were formed by more than 2000 MBA students from SJTU, showed the audience a number of mature business plans, and exhibited their pride in achievement in the areas of entrepreneurship and
  ●On Novmeber 18th, the closing ceremony of the 4th “Sunshine Cup”, the Shanghai MBA athletic games, was held in Yuntong Building in Tongji University. SJTU MBA teams excelled in basketball, tennis, badminton and table tennis. SJTU gained its third consecutive win in basketball.
  ●On December 2nd, the national MBA Didactical Seminar of Enterprise Ethics was held in Antai. More than 70 experts from universities and organizations countrywide attended. This was the first national MBA ethics conference held in China in the 21st century.
  ●On December 13th, the CLGO Internship Planning Committee was formed. This committee was composed of industry partners, students and administrative staff. The main task of this committee was to create guidelines for company internships.

  ●On February 25th Financial Times released the 2008 Global MBA Rankings, with ACEM listed as # 41. There were seven Asian Pacific business schools listed in the Top 100, and among them ACEM ranked #5, proving that ACEM enjoys a top position globally and leads several other top business schools in Asia. Additionally, ACEM’s graduates’ salary increase is 177% and graduate placement in three months is 100%.
  ●On April 28th ACEM received an official confirmation from the Association of MBAs, and was awarded the AMBA accreditation by this prestigious international accreditation organization.
  ●On May 6th, the 5th CLGO Governing Board Meeting was held at Antai. Associate Dean LV Wei from ACEM, Associate Dean XU Changqing from School of Electric, Information and Electrical Engineering, Associate Dean XI Lifeng from the School of Mechanical Engineering, Professor MA Zifeng, the Department Head from School of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, MIT Engineering Officer and LFM Co-director Professor Warren Seering, MIT LFM Director of Partner Integration Jon Griffith, together with high-level leaders from 12 industry partners attended the meeting.
  ●In September, the “Warwick Cup” Chinese MBA Business Plan Invitation Competition was held. The team of “China Xiefeng High-Tech Co., Ltd” from Shanghai Jiao Tong University won first prize.

  ●In February, CLFM students attended the two-week “Venture and Leadership Seminar” organized by the Global Youth Development Organization (GYDO) at the University of Cambridge. The selected students included outstanding ones from renowned universities such as Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Fudan University, Peking University, Tsinghua University, and Nankai University.
  ●In March, four MBA students directed by Professor Yu Minyang formed a team to attend the final of the 2nd “Peking MBA Case Competition & the East Cambridge Cup National Invitation Competition”, and won first prize after defeating other great teams from Peking University, China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), Fudan University, and Zhejiang University.
  ●In April ACEM was admitted to the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) as a member school.
  ●In July, Antai College of Economics & Management became a partner with the Chartered Financial Analyst course.
  ●In September the CLGO Governing Board meeting was held in the Jiao Tong Minhang Campus. Attendees were representatives of CLGO partner companies including Shane Tedjarati, President and CEO of Honeywell China and India. In the afternoon, the Governing Board adjourned and the class of 2009 presented a grand opening ceremony
  ●In September a CLFM visiting team formed by 23 students and 3 teachers held a 7-day study tour to visit company plants. During this visit, the team visited the production and logistics bases of four companies: Toyota, Honeywell, Amazon and Caterpillar.
  ●In October, the Shanghai 6th MBA “Sunshine Cup” Sports Competition was held. The team that represented Antai College won the championship in four events: tug of war, men’s tennis singles, men’s tennis doubles and badminton.
  ●In October, ACEM IMBA 2008 student, Lin Tianli (Tiffany W. Lam-Balfour) was voted for the 2008/2009 “ MBA Student of the Year Award” which was hosted by AMBA, and sponsored by “The INDEPENDENT”. Until now, there are only 4 students worldwide that have won this award.
  ●In November, the 2009 Warwick CuMBA Business Plan Final Competition was joined by students of both Taiwan and Mainland in JiaoTong University Fahua Campus. Shanghai Jiao Tong University has invited four mainland universities---CEIBS, Nanjing University, Zhejiang University and Sun Yat-Sen University, and three Taiwan universities---National Chiao Tung University, National Chengchi University and National TsingHua University. Eventually, the team from National Chiao Tung University named “Green Future” won the championship and the team “Shanghai Vecol Information Technology Co., Ltd” won the “Most Entrepreneurial Award”.

  ●In the 11th Chinese MBA Development Forum and the 1st Chinese EMBA Summit, ACEM MBA Student Union won the ‘2010 China’s Top 10 Outstanding MBA Union Award’, which was the only Student Union rewarded in Shanghai region.
  ●ACEM MBA was ranked 4th in ‘2010 Best MBA Ranking’ by the Manager Magazine in 2010.
  ●In the 1st ‘Educational Charity Grand Ceremony’ held by China Education Network of the Ministry of Education and China Education Online, ACEM was awarded the ‘2010 Outstanding Contribution Award for Business School’. 

  ●ACEM part-time MBA program received the ‘Top 10 Brand’ prize in the 2010-2011 Business School Research. (21st Century Media)
  ●CLGO program was granted the ‘Unique Competitive MBA’ prize in the 2010-2011 Business School Research. (21st Century Media)
  ●ACEM MBA won the ‘China’s Most Competitive MBA Project Top 10’ prize. (Sohu)
  ●SJTU CLGO Alumni Association was established.
  ●CLGO program successfully applied the ‘CLGO Off-Campus Innovation Base’, which received the ‘3rd phase of 985’ financial support from SJTU and was listed in the 3rd phase of 211 ‘Production, Study and Research Base Construction Project for Postgraduate’ from the Graduate School.
  ●ACEM MBA participated in the 12nd Chinese MBA Development Forum and the 2nd Chinese EMBA Summit held by Jinan University.
  ●ACEM MBA’s 2011 1st ‘Green Life’ Photography Contest was held. The event lasted for 5 months and received more than a thousand pieces of works from the major MBA institutions in Shanghai.
  ●ACEM Special-Fund of SJTU Branch of Shanghai Technology Venture Foundation was formally established and the 1st council meeting was held. The fund was jointly contributed by ACEM and Shanghai Technology Venture Fund, each investing 2 million a year for five years, totaling 20 million RMB. The fund is a non-profit public offering welfare fund. It will mainly be used to finance ACEM MBA students and entrepreneurship of alumni graduated within 5 years.
  ●SJTU ACEM team stood out from all 13 first-class university entrepreneurial teams and won the 1st prize in the 2010-2011 CID Cup MBA Venture Competition National Final. 

  ●ACEM MBA ranked the 3rd in ‘2012 Best MBA Ranking’ by Manager Magazine in 2012.
  ●ACEM MBA won the 5th place in the ‘2012 China’s Most Valuable Part-time MBA Program’. (Forbes China’s Best Business School Ranking)
  ●ACEM MBA ranked the 7th in ‘2012 China’s Most Valuable Full-time MBA Program’. (Forbes China’s Best Business School Ranking)
  ●ACEM was awarded the ‘2012 Most Innovative Business School’. ( China Education Network of Ministry of Education, China Education Online)
  ●ACEM received the ‘2012 Top 10 MBA Education School’ award. (Tencent)
  ●ACEM MBA won the ‘2012 China’s Top 10 MBA’ prize in the China MBA Leadership Conference. (National MBA Education Steering Committee, China Association of Professional Managers and China MBA Consortium)
  ●In the 11th ‘The Bordeaux Left Bank Cup’ Wine Blind Tasting Challenge of the world’s top universities China station’s semi-finals, ACEM MBA students entered the global finals for the first time on behalf of China and competed with other semi-final winning teams of the International Division for the championship of ‘The Bordeaux Left Bank Cup’.
  ●ACEM MBA won the 2nd place in Shanghai Universities MBA Dragon Boat Race.
  ●In the 2012 CEIBS MBA Venture Competition, ACEM MBA team was granted the ‘Best Business Innovation’ award.
  ●Antai MBA has successfully made a trip to the Eastern U.S.A. Antai MBA of SJTU organized students for the first time to conduct an education tour to the east United States. The students visited Harvard University, Yale University and other 4 top schools in the world; they attended the famous professors’ classes and visited the campus. They also visited Washington, Philadelphia, New York and Boston, which are the cores of America’s economy, history and education.
  ●ACEM MBA won the championship in the 9th Shanghai MBA ‘Sunshine Cup’ Sports Competition.
  ●ACEM MBA team reaped laurel In the 10th Chinese MBA Venture Competition National Finals(2012).
  ●ACEM MBA Shenzhen Education Center and Shenzhen Students Union was successfully founded.
  ●ACEM CLGO’s 5th anniversary celebration was held successfully.

       ●ACEM was awarded by Sohu.com with "2013 Golden Fox Outstanding Contribution Award of Education Indusatry"
  ●ACEM was awarded by Tencent.com with "Top 10 Social Influential MBA College"
  ●ACEM was awarded by The 13th MBA Development Forum with "The Best MBA Events Organizer"
  ●The 11th China MBA Enterpreneurship Competition National Finals was held successfully.

       ●ACEM MBA program listed 77th in 2014 Financial Times Top 100 Global MBA Ranking, and ranked the 1st place among local business schools. The salary increase rate and employment rate ranked 1st place all around the world, which was 166% and 100%.
    ●SJTU ACEM formally passed EQUIS recertification in 2014. And in view of last three years'significant improvement, ACEM was honored by EQUIS with the highest standard of five-year-recertify qualification.Therefore, SJTU ACEM became the only business college which passed all three international most authoratitive certifications.
    ●ACEM MBA program standed 3rd place of "Most Valuable Part-Time MBA Program in China" in Forbes' best business school ranking.  

     ●ACEM MBA program listed 55th in 2015 Financial Times Top 100 Global MBA Ranking, 22 places improved than last year.
      ●ACEM was awarded by Xinhuanet.com with  "2015 Most Brand Influential MBA College"
      ●ACEM was awarded by Sina.com with "2015 Most Brand Influential MBA College"

     ●ACEM MBA program listed 39th in 2016 Financial Times Top 100 Global MBA Ranking, 16 places improved than last year.
     ●ACEM MBA program listed 34th in 2017 Financial Times Top 100 Global MBA Ranking, 5 places improved than last year.

     ●ACEM MBA program listed 34th in 2017 Financial Times Top 100 Global MBA Ranking, #1 in Employment and 
#1 in Salary Increase.