In 1896, the Qing Dynasty Government approved the founding of Jiao Tong University. The University was established in Xujiahui (now one of the busiest commercial districts of Shanghai) and became China's first modern university with an emphasis on mechanical engineering and shipbuilding.  Throughout its century-long history, Shanghai Jiao Tong University has become widely recognized as one of the most famous institutions of higher education in China, and is consistently ranked among the Top 4 universities in China. The University has cultivated many outstanding figures such as Jiang Ze Min (former president of China), Qian Xue Sen (distinguished rocket scientist), and numerous successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and government officials, thus making significant contributions to the development of Chinese education, and society as a whole.

The Mission Statement of Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM), Shanghai Jiao Tong University is "To develop the highest level managerial talent with international viewpoints and capabilities, enabling graduates to compete successfully in the global economy." While focusing on educational excellence and academic research, ACEM is also committed to serving national and international corporations and institutions through cutting-edge consulting and research.

As a leading business school in China, ACEM is consistently ranked among the top 4 business colleges in China. Internationally, it is the first business school in Mainland China to be accredited by all three major international business college accreditation organizations: EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB. In 2020, Antai MBA program was ranked 37th globally and recognized as the best Asia-Pacific Business Schools in 2017-2018 by the Financial Times.

The defining characteristic of the school's excellence lies with its stellar faculty, including 60 professors and 70 associate professors. 93% of the faculty holds Ph.D. degrees. And 95% of the faculty have oversea education background or working experiences

Antai is committed to developing its MBA programs consistent with its foundation and vision, by training students with an international perspective while focusing on China. Antai professors nurture innovation and creativity, cultivate high ethical standards in students, and equip students with global business management knowledge, for a bright future as business leaders and industry elite.